Who is Jaden Martinovich? Star Kelly Martinovich’s Teenage Boy Accused Of Stabbing

Here is another thrilling piece of news for you. The 18 years old Jaden Martinovich attacked a 17 years old guy with a knife. Jaden stabbed a knife in his chest when a fake/phony drug deal went wrong.

Jaden Martinovich is the teenage boy of the well-known fitness star, Kelly Martinovich.

This incident happened on Bourke street around 9.30 pm in North Perth. Jaden attacked that 17-year-old boy on Saturday and after two days he was charged with causing desperate bodily harm.


Who is Jaden Martinovich?

The Unkind and aggressive 18 years old man who stabbed someone in the chest is no one but Jaden Martinovich. Jaden is the son of a well-known experienced fitness trainer Kelly Martinovich. 

Kelly has an experience of 27 years working with the best in the industry. She has also worked as a host and international presenter for aerobics Oz style.

Aerobics Oz style is a popular international television show which has completed more than 6000 episodes on television. Aerobics has been aired on TV for over 23 years and ended in 2005.

Jaden Martinovich
Jaden Martinovich (Credit: Facebook)

Other than this Kelly Martinovich has also worked on a number of fitness videos. Kelly also worked as a fitness consultant for Good Morning Australia.

Kelly is the owner of a huge gym. She is not just the owner but also the director of the shredded health and performance gym.

Kelly’s expertise is in everything from personal training to managing the world’s most popular and leading fitness Gyms chains.

The World class trainer has also mentioned in his biography that she was noticed by Charles Poliquin, who is one of Australia’s best trainers.

Kelly has worked in more than 37 different gyms before founding her own. Australia’s trainer biography also says that her passion is to help as many people as possible be the best that they can be.

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Star Kelly Martinovich’s teenage boy accused of stabbing

Jaden Martinovich is the teenage son of the fitness star Kelly Martinovich. Jaden is accused of stabbing a 17 years old boy in his chest.

The incident occurred on August 27, Saturday when the boy refused to admit that the fake drug deal belongs to him. Jaden did not know about the deal and stabbed a knife in his chest furiously.

Kelly Martinovich
Kelly Martinovich (Credit: Facebook)

The victim is fighting death for life at Sir Charles Gairdner hospital. Jaden was also charged with causing breathtaking bodily harm two days later.

Audio shortly after the attack caught Jaden saying that “I am going to sleep like a baby tonight knowing I have plunged a knife into some c–’s vital organs. That’s awesome, I loved doing that.”

Today, on August 31, magistrate Richard Huston granted him bail and he was freed. 

The accused teenage boy is summoned to appear in Perth Magistrate court for a hearing of the case on September 14. 


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