Who is Jimmy Johnson? Where does the NFL legend lives now?

Fans of retired NFL legend Jimmy Johnson’ personal life is much news right now, with the recent hurricane Irma that Jimmy had to face making fans question where the legend currently stays. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some exciting details.


Who is Jimmy Johnson?

Jimmy Johnson is a very famous American sports analyst and a former football coach. He is known in the industry as the first football coach who provided his service for many years in the football industry.

Initially served as a head football coach at the collegiate level from 1979 to 1988 and then he move forward to the National Football League where he also served as a head football coach straight for nine years.

He has attained a lot of awards and achievements in his career, he is the first head football coach to win the Super Bowl with the football team Dallas Cowboys.

However, Jimmy retired from the NFL in 1999, and therefore the 79-year-old man went into the world of broadcasting and thus became a TV analyst for Fox Sports.


Therefore now, he works for the Fox network as an on-air staff member on Fox NFL Sunday.

Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson (Credit: Getty Images)

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Where does Jimmy Johnson live now, home of the NFL legend explored

Jimmy initially used to live in Port Arthur, Texas but in 1996, he moved to Miami which was a very dear and close area for the former football head coach to this date.

Therefore currently he lives in Plantation Key, Florida, which is thus located in the Florida Keys in the United States.

The former head football coach, therefore, lives there with his wife Rhonda and is currently enjoying his successful life with his dearest wife.

Well, we know how rich Jimmy is and it’s hugely possible what kind of lavish his house would be. As per sources, he has three bedrooms and three bathrooms which have over 3,600 square feet of space.


There is also a private pool with two-car garage space, which is very lavish evidence for Jimmy to stay in.

Did Hurricane Irma cause damage to Jimmy’s house in 2017?

In 2017 after disastrous Hurricane Irma hit Florida it caused much greater and vast damage to Jimmy’s house.

As per reports, the damage cost a greater dollars and Jimmy himself stated in an interview regarding what possibly the hurricane did to his house, therefore he stated ‘There was two feet of ocean sand in his pool with the Tiki bar on his property,’ 

However, if we look at the present his house is just like a dream for anybody to live in.

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