Who is John Easterling, Husband of Olivia Newton-John? Olivia Died at 73

Olivia Newton-John, a British-Australian singer and actress, dies at the age of 73. Does anyone know about John Easterling?

Olivia Newton-John, a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actress, dies at the age of 73 while battling breast cancer. Her husband, John Easterling, on 8 August, Monday, shared the news with fans.

Olivia battled breast cancer for more than 30 years and dies peacefully in Southern California at her ranch.
Surrounded by he friends and family, she lost the battle with cancer and left behind her husband, John, and daughter Chole.


Who is John Easterling?

John Easterling late husband of Olivia Newton-John shared the news of her death through a Facebook post. John is 70 years old businessman who is the current CEO and Chairman of Amazon Herb Company. Along with this, he is an environmentalist who loves nature.

Olivia and John met in 2005 and got married in June 2008. Over the years of marriage, they both supported each other. John helped the actress battle cancer and was by her side. The Physical singer in 2021 opened up

about how she considered herself lucky to have a such husband who supported her at all steps.

While sharing about her Husband, Newtown-John said she decided to use plant medicine in treating her cancer. John grew that medicine for her, Olivia said.

They both joined forces to launch the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund in 2020. These funds are generated for plant-based therapies for cancer and to improve the lives of people.

John Easterling
John Easterling and Olivia Newton-John

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Olivia dies after battling breast cancer.

After receiving the first of her three cancer diagnoses in 1992, Dame Olivia rose to prominence as an advocate for breast cancer research and awareness. She underwent a partial mastectomy and reconstruction after first battling the sickness. Until a relapse in 2013, she was cancer-free.

In September 2018, she reported the cancer is back after diagnosis for the third time in three decades. The doctor found a tumor in her lower back in 2017. The singer claimed she was using cannabis oil manufactured from marijuana her husband farms in California to treat the condition naturally and to lessen the discomfort.


Through an Instagram post, Easterling shared, “Olivia has been a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years sharing her journey with breast cancer.”

The battle ended on 8 August 2022 when Olivia went peacefully surrounded by her family and friends.

John Easterling
Olivia Newton-John (Credit: Getty Images)

Tribute to Olivia New ton-John


Olivia, who was born in England and raised in Melbourne, Australia, rose to fame as a singer and actor in the 1970s. She scored five No. 1 successes throughout her five decades in the business in addition to starring Sandy in the cherished motion picture musical Grease.

On August 5, 1981, over 41 years ago, Olivia received a star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. To pay tribute flowers will be placed on Dame Olivia’s star.

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