Who is Lashunda Ellison? What Happened to Her?

A pastor’s wife Lashunda Ellison was shot in her head while sleeping on the bed. After fighting for her life, she has said goodbye to the world.

The DeKalb County police are investigating the case calling it a homicide. As per her husband, the bullet came ramming from a hole in the bed’s outer headboard.

Ellison was declared dead by her husband Mac Ellison on Monday.


Who Is Lashunda Ellison?

Lashunda Ellison was the wife of DeKalb County Pastor– Mac Ellison. She was shot by a gun bullet while sleeping on her bed in their Decatur home. The incident happened at the dawn of Wednesday.

Pastor Mac revealed that he woke up to his wife Lashunda being unresponsive.

“I just woke up to very heavy breathing.”

He attempted to shake her and wake her but got no response. Then he took the help of the children to move her from the bed. Mac and children saw a pool of blood in front of them.


“We saw blood everywhere.”

The pastor of the temple also claimed that he did not hear the bullet being fired at his beau. He dialed 911 after seeing blood everywhere.

Lashunda Ellison
Lashunda Ellison

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Doctors Informed Pastor About The Bullets

The doctor informed Pastor Mac Ellison about what happened to his wife. Lashunda Ellison was shot by a gun and had bullet fragments in her skull.

After knowing this, he went back home to inspect it and found a hole in the wooded area near the bed. The bullet came smashing from there and hit the top of his wife’s head. DeKalb Pastor was heartbroken after the passing of his wife and expressed his emotion and anger.

“God took the only thing that kept me going.”

Angered by someone’s carelessness, Ellison also said-

“You can’t just take a gun and shoot it in the air and not realize what’s on the other side. Because what’s on the other side is not just a tree, but it’s somebody’s wife, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s relative.”


Bullet Fired And Came Through A Hole In Bed

Lashunda Ellison was shot in her head with a bullet that came in the bedroom through a hole into the wooded area.

DeKalb County police are doing the required investigation to find the culprit. Moreover, the officials asked the husband whether he thinks it was a deliberate targeted shooting.

However, Pastor Mac dismissed the possibility and said that it is not possible as the shooter has to know the position of our heads.

Hence, detectives are gathering more physical evidences to reach the bottom of the homicide.


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