Who is Lindsay Marsh? Utah Woman ordered to hand over her N*DE album to her ex-husband in divorce proceedings

Recently major news which is constantly circulating on social media has created a major surprise factor for people when a Judge ordered Lindsay Marsh a Utah Woman to hand over her N*de album to her ex-husband. Let us explore this article to get some major insights.


Who is Lindsay Marsh, the woman humiliated by the court?

Lindsay Marsh is an ordinary woman from Utah, United States.

The woman was surprised when the court ordered her to hand over her n*de album to her now ex-husband. She at that moment felt extremely humiliated by the court.

Due to Lindsay Marsh’s divorce from her then-husband Chris Marsh, she was there in the court to attend the divorce proceedings, but the fact that the judge would order her to hand over the n*de albums to her ex-husband made the situation extremely comfortable and humiliating.

As said Lindsay, her husband and she wanted to keep the album and their intimate messages which were there in the album and which she had written to them during the course of their marriage.


But after when Judge Michael Edwards ordered that the album should hand over to her then-husband she stated “It’s violating and it’s incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.”

Lindsay Marsh
Lindsay Marsh (Credit: LinkedIn)

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Utah Woman forced by the court to give ex-husband the album of N*des

Utah Woman Lindsay Marsh basically filed for divorce from her husband Chris Marsh in April 2021 and therefore in their divorce proceedings, Chris presented a list of items he wished to keep from their marriage and one of them was the n*de album which included a series of n*de photographs taken years ago.

During the proceeding, the judge ordered that Lindsay Marsh would hand over the book to her then-husband.

Lindsay Marsh with the order stated that she felt extremely humiliated regarding what the court has just done. She stated It’s violating and it’s incredibly embarrassing and humiliating,’ ‘The only way I can hopefully protect someone else from going through the same situation is to tell my story and expose that these are the types of things that he thinks are OK.’

And not with this, the Judge also ruled out that Lindsay Marsh must now hand over the album to a third party who will then edit the images.

But Lindsay was not happy with this, as she stated that the third party might do something wrong with the pictures, she stated

‘The judge has ordered me to give n*de photos of my body to a third party that I don’t know without my consent?’ 

Lindsay Marsh can thus now legally keep the originals until December, in case her ex objects to any of her edits.

Now that she is also planning to burn them and threw them into the fire.

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