Who is Lucy Jade Christie? TikToker gets backlash after wearing White to a wedding

A TikToker Lucy Jade Christie recently got a huge backlash after wearing white to a wedding. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some significant insights about what really has happened.


Who is Lucy Jade Christie?

Lucy Jade Christie is a TikToker who recently faced a backlash on TikTok after the girl wore white to her friend’s wedding.

She recently posted a video where she was happily showcasing her outfit choice and thus the colour of her outfit was white, she herself mentioned in the video that she is going to her friend’s wedding.

This blasted her social media comments and she, therefore, faced a greater backlash among the users of the app.

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TikToker gets backlash after wearing White to a friend’s wedding

TikTok has always been an app which is famous for its controversial videos. Every single day, a large number of app users upload things that, in the view of their supporters, were either improper or not up to the mark, which led to criticism.

In this case, a TikToker received negative feedback after admitting she planned to wear a white dress to her friend’s wedding.

The TikToker goes by the name Lacey-Jade Christie who went viral on the short form app after sharing with her fans that she was wearing white to her friend’s wedding.

In the video which initially got some 331k views, the content creator showed a low-cut white dress to her fans, the dress was having a beautiful love sleeve, and the content creator thus decided to wear this dress to her friend’s wedding.

She received negative feedback from the viewers of her video, and the reason was that a white wedding dress isn’t traditionally thought of as a wonderful colour.

Since it is this ideology generally that wedding guest who wears white is trying to upstage the bride at the wedding. Therefore it is a colour to avoid.

What are the users saying in response to her white dress?

The content creator after uploading the video got a lot of backlash from the users who find her white dress very inappropriate.

Therefore one user writes:

“This is satire right?” one user questioned. “It’s beautiful but I don’t really think it’s appropriate for a wedding,” 

Another one comments on the video stating: “Never wear white to wedding unless you’re the bride!” 

Someone else thus comments “I’m not even concerned about how low cut it is… but white? you decided to wear white to a wedding?”

But Lacey herself comments that the wedding was not a traditional wedding, it was the wedding between two brides and thus she also insisted that she herself had taken permission from the brides to wear white.


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