Who is Madeline on TikTok? Psychologist Got Criticized for Giving “toxic” Relationship Advice

A TikTok consumer Madeline who alleges to be a psychologist is struggling with repercussions for giving out “toxic” relationship message.

Madeline, who professes to be a psychologist, conveyed her 48 relationship and dating tactics on TikTok to her 25,000 followers.

Mainly generating relationship content on TikTok, @Madellinnee, a psychologist, gives tips that vary from being genuinely insightful to borderline toxic.


What Madeline Tips videos on TikTok say

Take tip 21 for example: ‘Don’t express to a man you’ll remain with him through anything because he’ll keep putting you through everything.’

This is absolutely helpful advice and teaches women and men who date men to realize their cost. 

Tip 28 is equally helpful: ‘Don’t enable your delusions to pile up,’ Madeline writes. ‘Stop engaging yourself to a man who hasn’t verbally conveyed his goals to emotionally execute to you.’


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But others are a little iffier.

Madeline impeaches men of utilizing the ‘hot and cold’ method to capitalize on women, but much of her advice is almost the variables of the push and pull technique, which implicates combining a positive declaration or effort with a negative one. 


Take rule 23 for instance: “Make him presume you’re obsessional about him so that whenever you’re separating he misses it and turns into obsessional about you.”

Rule 30 is controversial: “pretend like husband materials in private person then utterly bored over the textual topic, he’ll change into obsessive about the rivalry.”

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Outrage among single mothers

There are a lot more instances, nonetheless, one rule extremely has provoked anger on the social media app, especially among single mothers.

Madeline conveyed rule 38 in text overlay, “It’s okay to be heartbroken because some women only have their children with them” It was a viral TikTok tape of her with 800,000 notions.

Lots of followers spilt their responses beneath the six-second video, to express their frustration with the inappropriate guidance.

Toxic relationship advice of Madeline

“We are not left with children, we have now a priority to secure kids and struggled with and are cheerful and resistant,” one hurt feelings mother commented.

A single mother moreover thought differently with Madeline’s tip, including: “No, he’s miserable and I’ve our lovely children.”

“Is that funny to you? Bringing it enjoyable for single mums? Is that a joke?” someone jotted down.


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“Oh the toxicity,” one other one commented, “I can’t acquaint in case you are poking fun at or not yet you must delete this.”

Madeline reacted to the fuss, telling that she signified no harm to the feelings of the single moms.

“Women, I don’t refer to hurt anybody, clearly needed to raise consciousness for the young women to put up with most consideration with men,” the TikToker commented.


Madeline told, “you will be motivated to select males and yet direct the terrible ones, as a consequence of it’s proved that people can mask their real self till the marriage.”

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