Who is Maison Deschamps? The ‘pro-life Spiderman’, Who Climber The Salesforce Tower

Maison Deschamps has been the guy who climbs the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 3, according to police. Here’s everything we know about him at this point. He was then detained for climbing the 1,070-foot tall tower without a harness or safety line, a claim by the anti-abortion activist who refers to himself as the “pro-life Spiderman.” For months, videos of Maison scaling the tower have circulated on the internet. Witnesses saw the activist’s stunt for the first time at approximately 9:21 a.m. on Tuesday. The police were at the location shortly after.


Who is Maison Deschamps?

Maison Deschamps is a pro-life campaigner who also happens to be a rock climber. He has lately begun climbing buildings to raise awareness and funds for his cause, according to his website. The 22-year-old is presently attempting to collect $1,000,000 to give the money to pro-life charitable organizations.

Rock climbing was his first sport when he was 16 years old, and he is presently a finance student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Maison has over 3,800 followers on Instagram

, where he posts footage of his latest Salesforce tower climb to keep his admirers.

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Maison Deschamps Stunts

It isn’t the first time Maison has pulled a risky maneuver of this kind on us. As seen by his Instagram account, he has also scaled the Fisher Towers in Utah, the Red Boulders in Colorado, and the enormous rocks of Yosemite National Park in California. However, there is one significant distinction in that he was wearing a safety rope on each of these occasions.

In addition, he promises that he will scale the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the year 2021. Once he had climbed all 61 stories and reached the top of the tower. The authorities apprehended Maison and brought him into arrest. The climber was only wearing a hoodie and holding gloves in his hands; he did not have any climbing equipment.

The videos on his Instagram account show office employees on the upper floors of the skyscraper being by surprise when he arrives on their level. Some people were even rooting for him.

However, earlier in the day, the police seal off the streets in the surrounding neighborhoods and advise people to keep away from the tower, which was also shut down. Maison’s ascent comes a day after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, which had allowed abortion in the United States since 1973 and had been in effect since 1973.

Image: Maison Deschamps(Instagram/maison.deschamps)

Maison Deschamps

During his ascent of the 1,070-foot skyscraper, the college student took intermittent breaks to use his phone to upload footage to social media platforms. According to sources, the climb has been planned for a month. He says he has been using Google Maps to analyze the structure.

Derrick Deschamps arrived at San Francisco International Airport early on Tuesday morning after traveling from Las Vegas. Where he is presently a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He claims that he jumped in an Uber as soon as he arrived and drove directly to Salesforce. Where he started climbing at 9 a.m.


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