Who is Melanie Inglessis? Amber Heard’s Makeup Artist Testifies at The Case

Melanie Inglessis, who once worked as Amber Heard’s makeup artist, testified in the ongoing defamation trial that she is now involved with her former spouse, Johnny Depp. She said that she often covered them up with makeup to hide Heard’s injuries caused by Depp’s alleged abuse when they were together.
Inglessis especially referenced an event that occurred in 2015. She had to cover up Heard’s injuries due to an alleged headbutt delivered by Depp before Heard’s performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.


Who is Melanie Inglessis? 

Makeup artist Melanie Inglessis is a professional operating out of the Los Angeles area. She received her training in the art of makeup application at the London College of Fashion, where her teachers included Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, and Val Garland. Three of the most renowned makeup artists in the world. Inglessis is to be most well-known for her ability to make her customers seem to shine with beautiful, light-bearing skin makeup as stated by several sources.

Inglessis is presently working as a Makeup Artist Collaborator for Armani Beauty. And as part of her job, she has to travel all over the world. Her prior clients include Natalie Portman

, Ana de Armas, Lea Michele, Karlie Kloss, Ruth Negga, Rosamund Pike, and Olivia Wilde. Karlie Kloss, Ruth Negga, and Rosamund Pike are also her former employers.

The makeup artist has also worked with well-known filmmakers and photographers, such as Jonas Kerlund and Rankin. She has an Instagram account that has been verified and has more than 75,000 followers. Along with her daughter, the native of France has only just become a citizen of the United States.

Melanie Inglessis
Image: Melanie Inglessis

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Amber Heard’s Makeup Artist Testifies at The Case

Melanie gave her testimony on Wednesday, and during it, she revealed that she had concealed the bruises that Amber had on her body before Amber’s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2015. Melanie testified that she did this in 2015.

As per Hollywood Life, Inglessis added, “I applied makeup, just a bit thicker. We covered the discoloration or bruises with a somewhat thicker concealer, which had more of a peach undertone. Which is a concealer that I typically would not use on Amber because it has a blue-canceling effect. Nevertheless, since peach does cancel blue, I did that beneath her eyes.


The makeup artist stated, “Though Amber normally has a red lip, it’s one of her defining looks; I remember well saying we had no other alternative that night but to use crimson blood. Because there was no other choice. A dark red lipstick so that we could be confident that the wounds on our lips would be concealed.”

In later conversations, Melanie revealed why she had decided not to continue working with the woman who plays Aquaman. When asked about her romantic involvement with Amber, she said she had concluded that she did not want to work with Amber since their relationship was “extremely absorbing.”

Melanie Inglessis
Image: Amber Heard and Melanie Inglessis

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