Who is Miles Gaston Villanueva? The Actor Behind Supersonic in The Boys Season 3

Amazon Prime Series The boys released its new season last week and are releasing new episodes every week. The series is based on ‘The Seven’ team of supes and there is a new super in the team. The name of Supersonic is Miles Gaston Villanueva plays the character in the series. This article is about everything you need to know about the actor. Ranging from his personal life to his professional deals.


Personal life of Miles Gaston Villanueva

Born in 1989 on March 14, Miles Gaston Villanueva is a 33-year-old actor from the United States. He has done a lot of English daily soaps in his career. Making him one of the many recognizable faces in Hollywood. He has pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fresno. Related to his family, not much is available related to the same. Although he has a brother by Dr. Matt G. Villanueva. He has after earned his Ph.D. in exercise science.

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Shows before ‘THE BOYS’

Miles is a very familiar face on T.V throughout the early 21st century. He gained a lot of projects but was popular majorly because of two parts of “NCIS” (CBS, 2003-), and a “Law & Order” (NBC, 1990-2010) spinoff. Villanueva began his career in 2007, with a short cameo in a short film. “Stricken” (2007) was the name of the short film.

He got his first series offer in 2013, playing Luca Santori in the legendary soap opera “The Young and the Restless” (CBS, 1973-), while also playing Russ on another classic soap, “Days of Our Lives” at the same time. Villanueva also appeared on “NCIS” in 2014, and its spinoff “NCIS: Los Angeles” the next year. These roles gave him a good amount of screen time.

After appearances on “Jane the Virgin”, “Rosewood” for over two years, and “The Fosters”, Villanueva became quite popular amongst the fans when he was cast as millionaire murderer Lyle Menendez in the TV miniseries “Law & Order: True Crime – The Menendez Murders”. That is supposedly his claim to fame.

Before joining the cast of The Boys. Miles appeared in over 87 episodes of a daily soap “The Young and the Restless.”. HE gave major credit for his success in the show and says that the efforts he had put into the show helped him gain confidence working for the series.

Miles Gaston Villanueva
Image: Miles Gaston Villanueva(Instagram/milesgastonv)

His Role in The Boys

The talented actor Miles plays the role of Supersonic in the series. He is the latest inclusion in the Supe team The Seven. He is known for his good looks and obviously his superpowers, majorly being high speed. Supersonic was in a relationship with Starlight(another supe in the series) in their college days. Even after his inclusion in The Seven, Starlight and Supersonic are very good friends.


This makes Annie’s(starlight) boyfriend jealous of him. In all, he has appeared in all the episodes of season 3 and the fans are loving his performance. Episode 4 has just released on Friday and supersonic has a good screen time in the same. The conclusion of the following episode leaves fans curious about the next episode.

THE BOYS – Season 3 Official Trailer

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