Who is Nicholas Brutcher? He is The Suspect in Bristol Shooting Case

According to the Connecticut police, Nicholas Brutcher, 35 is a prime suspect of the famous Bristol Shooting incident. Apparently, he killed two police officers and injured the other one. He also supposedly shot his own brother Nathan Brutcher. The police finally had to shoot Nicholas down to stop him from causing further nuisance.


Full Report of the Incident

Nicholas Brutcher apparently called 911 at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. According to the police, it was a trap to lure them at the place by complaining about a “possible domestic” incident.

NBC Connecticut reported that he was apparently chucked out of the bar. Shortly after that, he got into a fight with his brother. He then called 911 reporting the police about the domestic violence. However, he was waiting for the police officers to arrive on the front lawn, successfully camouflaging himself.

When the police arrived, he immediately started firing bullets towards them. As a result of which, Sgt. Dustin DeMonte, 35, and Ofc. Alex Hamzy, 34, were dead on the spot. He also heavily iwounded Ofc. Alec Iurato, 26.


Nicholas Brutcher, then was gunned down. However, the police decided not say who killed him. The police also noticed another gravely injured man who was apparently Nicholas’ brother.

Nicholas Brutcher was then transported to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. The police, however, didn’t make any comment on his condition.

Nicholas Brutcher

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Who was Nicholas Brutcher ?

Nicholas Brutcher, according to his school friends, was a very famous students. Some people also described him as a bully and short tempered. However, they were shocked when they heard about the Bristol incident.

Nicholas Brutcher played football for the Bristol Central High School team. After that, he graduated in 2005. He got married in Canton and had two daughters with his wife. But, in 2019, the couple got divorced and the residential custody of the kids went to his wife.

Nicholas Brutcher
Nicholas Brutcher (Facebook/ Nick Brutcher)

Nicholas’ past

W hen his Facebook account was checked, his weird obsession with guns was revealed. In one of the pictures, Nicholas was pointing gun at the camera. Meanwhile, other six members who were supposedly wedding party members were smiling with rifles in their hand.


It is unclear as to how he got the gun and the police are still investigating whether the gun was legal or not. Also, there are no charges or convictions made against Nicholas or his brother. So, according to the police, these evidence might as well mean nothing.

“I didn’t know Nick very well, casual acquaintances I suppose you could say. I heard that it was him that killed those police I was absolutely shocked, one woman said when the police asked her about Nicholas.

Mark Zukowski, one of his friends, said, “I do know that Nick used to be a big-time bully when he was younger. He fought a lot and almost seriously hurt my friend because he wouldn’t stop hitting him in a fight. He wasn’t someone that I would think would ever do something like this though”.


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