Who is Raven Jackson? Rapper 600 Breezy’s Girlfriend Died by Suicide

Rapper 600 Breezy has recently announced on his social media handles stating the death of his girlfriend Raven Jackson whom he was closely connected. After dating for some years, the Rapper mourns the death of his beloved girlfriend Raven Jackson. Let us explore this article so to get all the important insights.


Who is 600 Breezy, the Rapper?

600 Breezy is very much well-known in the Rapping Industry. And for those who are not familiar with 600 Breezy, Antonio Valentino King who is popularly known by his stage name as 600 Breezy is a Black rapper, born on April 16, 1991, in Chicago, Illinois.

Mostly known for signing songs about gang relations, the rapper has created a greater name in the rapping community. He is also a member of the Black Disciples gang.

However, the most popular tracks of 600 Breezy include Don’t Get Smoked, 24 Bars, 11 Gunz etc.


Who was Raven Jackson?

Raven Jackson, the girlfriend of the black Canadian rapper 600 Breezy was a fitness model, short film-maker, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Her short films have generated a greater fan base.

Raven Jackson and Rapper 600 Breezy
Raven Jackson and Rapper 600 Breezy (Instagram/600breezy)

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Rapper 600 Breezy’s Girlfriend Raven Jackson Died by Suicide

Rapper 600 Breezy recently on September 6, 2022, went on his social media to announce that her girlfriend Raven Jackson died by suicide and this left the fans shocked. The rapper went on Instagram so to mourn the death of his girlfriend.

600 Breezy shared a very painful post of some of the last texts of his girlfriend also confirming the real reason behind the death of Raven Jackson.


Talking about their dating history, the couple started dating back in 2020 after the rapper’s breakup with Queen Kay. However, the spilt led to a nasty controversy, with Queen claiming that the father of her triplets is the Canadian rapper 600 Breezy.

However, 600 Breezy constantly denied the claims which in the end led to 600 Breezy and Raven’s relationship in 2020.

They both dated for two years until the sad death of Raven Jackson arrived which somehow broke 600 Breezy’s heart.

What was the reason behind Raven Jackson’s death?

While sharing some previous love posts between the couples, 600 Breezy revealed that Raven was having worse mental health problems.

Breezy also stated in his Instagram post caption dedicated to mourning Raven that he did his best to extend support to Raven. He also revealed that he “worshipped the ground she walked on,” and also stated that he will always blame himself.


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