Who is Richard Allen? His Name Came Out in Connection to The Delphi Murders Case

The Delphi Murder Case involves the deaths of two innocent girls, people on social media are very much talking about it and Richard Allen came up, many people want to know what exactly happened. Let us explore this article to know more details.


Who is Richard Allen?

Richard Allen is a 50-year-old man. He is as per sources involved in the murder of two teens, Libby German and Abigail Willaims, in Delphi.

In Indiana, police also detained Richard Allen. But his accusations are unclear since now his name has also come out in the murder case.

What exactly happened in the Delphi Teenage girls murder case?

Well, this case initially happened on February 13, 2017, when Abigail Abby Willaims and Libby German suddenly disappeared after going for a hike at Monon High Bridge, which is an abandoned rail bridge outside the town of Delphi, Indiana where these two used to live.


After when Libby’s father arrived to keep them up, these two girls never showed up, due to which their families reported their missing statements but unfortunately their bodies were found the next day in a wooded area.

The deaths of the girls were declared by the police as a double homicide, but exactly who killed the girls was never revealed by the authorities.

Richard Allen
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Richard Allen involved in the murder of the Delphi Teenage girls

A 50-year-old man named Richard Allen is currently under arrest due to his connection in the 2017 murder case.

As per sources, a Snapchat video taken by Libby on her phone during the hike showcased a man wearing jeans and a blue jacket and a hoodie. The man in the video seen approaching the girls in the video and saying “guys” and “down the hill” made police think over the evidence.

Although the culprit was never identified, the recording was reportedly recorded immediately before the murder.

The girl’s murder has also been linked to Richard Allen, who apprehended by the authorities on Friday, and has now been arrested as a major development in the case.


What is the Police Authority’s say in the Delphi Murder Case?

Well, police authorities are trying each and every step to provide justice to the girls. Authorities also revealed a fake social media account used by the suspect to lure the girls.

The Indiana State Police also uncovered a fake social media account with the name anthony_shots, and as per them, the creator used this profile to communicate with the juvenile girls for their nude images.

Therefore a lot more evidence is gearing up but so far Richard Allen is under arrest for the same.

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