Who is Richard Goodall? Janitor Singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ Song Video Goes Viral

Richard Goodall, an Indiana elementary school janitor, rose to fame online after a TikTok video of him singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin went viral. Mariah Denehie, a staff member at his school, shared a video of Richard performing for students and staff.


About Richard Goodall’s viral video

A talent event was held by the children and staff to honor the fifth-graders graduation. The teachers invited the janitor to sing at the program’s conclusion, and Richard sang Don’t Stop Believin. The school’s teachers regularly request the janitor to sing because they are aware of his abilities.

Goodall casually approached the microphone, playing music from a boombox, and showed the students his amazing talent. Kids joined in as well, at first only waving their arms in time with the music, then gradually getting to their feet to dance, giving Goodall a standing ovation by the end of the video.

On May 27, Mariah Denehie, a Davis Park school employee who helps a student with special needs, recorded a video of Richard’s performance and shared it on TikTok.

Richard frequently sang songs like Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA, but this time he went with the band Journey’s popular 1981 song.

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Who is Richard Goodall?

Richard Goodall is a 53-year-old hailing from Terre Haute, Indiana. He does custodial work for Davis Park Elementary School. He is employed with the Vigo County School Corporation for over 20 years.


Goodall has spent a large portion of his life singing. He took part in the chorus in high school. He recently spent eight years singing in a gospel choir until the coronavirus outbreak forced it to shut. According to Goodall, what he enjoys the most is that it helps other people. Richard Goodall is married and has children, though they are not revealed just yet.

Richard Goodall
Richard Goodall

Goodall covered the Lee Greenwood classic “God Bless the USA” for his debut TikTok earlier this month. But things took off once he released the video of himself performing the Journey classic during the school assembly. The video received more than 16.2 thousand “loves” after a Twitter user named Arlong shared it on the platform.

The janitor at the Indiana school has 115 posts and more than 200 followers on his private Instagram account.

Goodall’s response to the viral video

The following day Denehie informed him that she had uploaded a video of him to TikTok. While he was cleaning and waxing the school floors. Mariah told Richard that his video has gained 107,000 views.

“I’m looking at her like, ‘OK, is that good?’” the janitor stated while speaking to Fox.
‘I’ve never had that many,” said Mariah
“By the end of the weekend, it was at like a million,” Richard said.
As of this week, the video has been viewed over 3 million times.

Richard Goodall auditioned for The Voice

Richard showed up for a virtual audition for The Voice following the global success of the video of him performing the Journey song. He sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ but was not accepted.


“I’m just a regular person, I’m happy. I’m so thankful that I have food in my belly and a roof over my head and that I’m warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” Goodall later said.

Steve Perry’s reaction to the viral video

Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey and co-writer of the song “Don’t Stop Believin,” saw and reacted to Richard’s video.

On June 29, Steve posted the video to his Instagram account with the message “I love this.” To which Goodall replied, “Love your music sir!!! Thank you for commenting this means much to me!!! Thank you.”


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