Who is Ryan, Boyfriend of Kortney Wilson? Take a Look at Their Engagement Video on Instagram

On April 5, Kortney Wilson posted a video with her boyfriend, Ryan where he can be seen proposing to her. Kortney Wilson and her boyfriend Ryan are engaged and it is official that Kortney is in a relationship with Ryan. You can watch their engagement video on Instagram at @allthingskortneywilson. If you wish to see a longer version of the video, it is available on Kortney’s Youtube channel.


Who is Kortney Wilson?

Kortney Wilson is a Canadian actress, country music singer, television personality, real estate professional, and designer. She is popular because of her home renovation show for HGTV Canada, which she co-hosted with her ex-husband Dave Wilson.

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Kortney’s Dating History

18 years of marriage of Kortney and Dave Wilson. However, they filed for a divorce in 2019. They still appear to be good friends which makes it clear that they ended their 18-year long relationship on good terms. However, Kortney still posts family pictures with Dave proving further that they and their families share a cordial relationship.

Kenny Brain replaced Dave as Kortney’s co-host on the show, Making It Home. People speculated that Kenny and Kortney were together but that turned out to be just a rumor. Turns out, they are just good friends and co-hosts.

Ryan Boyfriend of Kortney Wilson
Kortney Wilson with Boyfriend Ryan

Kortney’s Current Relationship

On August 8, 2021, Kortney shared an adorable picture with Ryan confirming their relationship. Since then, she has posted Ryan on her account multiple times and the recent one was her engagement video.

If you have watched the video you’ll know that it was a magical moment for both Kortney and Ryan. It seems that Ryan pulled quite some strings to make this proposal really special for Kortney. Kortney made a thank-you post for all the people that were a part of the proposal and was quite grateful to them for helping Ryan make this such a memorable day for her. Kortney seems to be really happy in her current relationship with Ryan and we wish her good luck with the new beginnings.


It seems that Ryan is a pretty private person as he does not have a public social media account. We do not know much about Ryan and what he does, but what we do know is that their wedding will be pretty impressive and something to look forward to!


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