Who is Sabina Sarkka? Finnish PM Sanna Marin Faces Backlash After Kissing Topless Influencer Controversial Photo

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is facing a political backlash after video footage of her partying with fellow politicians and celebrities Sabina Sarkka is leaked online.


The Incident

The controversial Finnish prime minister is now known more for her debauched party nights than her political career. She was once again seen partying and dancing with a glamorous former model before dusk fell.

New footage shows Sanna Marin intimately dancing with a Finnish social media influencer as they have their arms wrapped around each other and their legs almost touching.

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin (Credit: Twitter)

The newly surfaced footage shows the party-loving Prime Minister Marin with Finnish social media influencer Sabina Sakka. They frolic on a crowded dance floor of the same nightclub where she was previously with Finnish singer Olavi Uusivirta.

The singer later denied that the two were having an affair. She is also wearing the same white pants and black sleeveless top in both videos, suggesting that the two incidents took place on the same night.

In the footage, sunlight is dipping, suggesting that her dance with Sarkka served to heat the mood on the dance floor before she made her move on Uusivirta. The footage immediately sparked a backlash.

Sabina Sarkka and Sanna Marin
Sabina Sarkka and Sanna Marin (Credit: TikTok)

Aleksi Valavuori, a local sports talk show host, dubbed her the country’s most incompetent Prime Minister. Please take your leather jacket and resign, he tweeted.

Marin is drinking with a group of friends while dancing and singing along to s ongs by Finnish rapper Petri Nygard and pop singer Antti Tuisku in the video, which appears to upload to Instagram Stories.


Sanna Marin apologized last year for going clubbing after coming into contact with a COVID-19 case.

She went out for a night on the town in Helsinki just hours after her foreign minister tested positive.

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin (Credit: Twitter)

She was told she didn’t need to isolate because she was fully vaccinated, but she later missed a text advising her to do so.

Critics had questioned her decision not to isolate herself until the testing results were negative.

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About The Influencer Sabina Sarkka

Sabina Särkkä was born in 1989 and is an Actress. She is a former beauty queen and represented Finland in the Miss World 2012 contest. After that, she gained local notoriety after appearing in numerous TV reality shows in Finland.

She has a strong Instagram following with over 90,000 followers. She shared her separation from her husband Ossi Kivimaki in a story almost six days ago. It is not clear whether she is a close friend of Ms. Marin or just a random person the Finnish prime minister spotted on the rooftop terrace of Helsinki’s hip Klubi nightclub.


She has also participated in Martina and the Lifeguards, as well as season 2 of Jungle Stars. Roach featured in the Fort Boyard show that aired in 2019.

Särkkä won the second season of Jungle Stars and received the 18,000 euros collected by the Tarzan team.

Sabina Sarkka
Sabina Sarkka (Instagram/sabinasarkka)

Särkkä is engage to Ossi Kivimäki in February 2016. They married in September 2019 and divorced in 2022.

In 2022, Särkkä posted a picture on Tiktok showing two scantily clad women kissing. The picture is clicked at an invitation arranged by Prime Minister Sanna Marin in Kesäranta in 2022.

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