Who is Sonia Isaza, Girlfriend of Arturo Vidal, A Midfielder in Barcelona?

Arturo Vidal is one of the best midfielders in the world. The 35-year-old Chilean footballer is often in the headlines for his football career. The former Barcelona player has been dating Colombian model Sonia Isaza for four years now.


Meet Sonia Isaza, the girlfriend of Arturo Vidal

Apart from garnering fame for being Vidal’s girlfriend, Sonia Isaza has created a name for herself. She was way famous even before she started dating Arturo. Sonia is a fitness model, competitive bodybuilder, Youtuber and a popular social media influencer known for her stunning body figure. She started her career in 2006 after getting inspired by Bikini Models. She started exercising and transformed her figure. In 2006, the Columbian native moved to California to pursue Competitive bodybuilding. Soon, she gained recognition as a leading Columbian athlete.

The social media influencer has a whopping fan following of 3.5M on her Instagram

handle. She regularly updates her fans about her routine, fitness regime, and keeps flaunting her impressive physique she has earned after years of hard work. She competes in local and regional bodybuilding shows in California.

A lesser known fact about Sonia is that she has a 21-year-old daughter named Daniela. As the model is currently in her mid-thirties, she must have had a very early teen pregnancy. Arturo Vidal is a father to three children together, named Emiliano, Elizabeth, and Alonso, with Maria Teresa. The ex-couple was married for around 10 years before their divorce in 2019. Uruguayan TV host Claudia Schmidt recently claimed that Vidal cheated on Maria with his present girlfriend Isaza while Vidal and Maria were still married.


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Their Relationship Timeline

Vidal and Isaza started dating officially around 2018-2019. They were often spotted together by paparazzi enjoying dates, hangouts or vacations. The duo reportedly broke up in 2020 for a brief while. The couple had stopped following each other on Instagram which fuelled the break-up rumours. Isaza posted a video of singing heartbreak songs on her Instagram account. They also started living separately. While Vidal stayed in Europe, Sonia spent her days with her family in Colombia.

Sonia Isaza
Sonia Isaza and Arturo Vidal (Credit: Instagram/niaisazaoficial)

The reason for the alleged breakup was said to be the uncertainty of Vidal’s transfer from Barcelona to Inter-Milan. But soon they reconciled and Sonia supported him during the testing time. And since then they have been going strong. They also enjoyed some downtime after Vidal’s another season with Inter Milan by holidaying in Spain. The pair went to Spain’s Balearic islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The duo took the paddleboard out into the Mediterranean.


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