Who is Stella Barey? Instagram Star Reveals, Affair with Father’s Best Man at Wedding

Instagram star Stella Barey has shocked her fans after she literally surprised each and every one regarding an affair she had with her father’s best man at his wedding. After this revelation, everyone was curious and surprised to know what happened. Let us explore this article to know more.


Who is Stella Barey?

Stella Barey is a 24-year-old Instagram model, actress, and social media personality. She is from the United States and is known today for making comedy videos. She is born and brought up in the USA.

Stella is a social media personality who made money by marketing various other items on her Instagram and her other accounts.

She also creates funny and entertaining videos for a majority of her audience who love to see her funny side.

How has Stella Barey made a name for herself on social media?

Being a USA girl and 24 years old, Stella eventually rose to fame after marketing other brands on her social media accounts.


Apart from marketing brands, she makes funny, entertaining videos on her channel, which were very much liked by her fans.

She is responsible for creating original and fun content on social media for her fan base who love and support her.

That became eventually the reasons of how she made a name for herself by marketing brands and also by indulging into entertainment and funny content which were enjoyed by majority of her fans on social media.

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How did Stella Barey end up in an affair with her Father’s Best Man at a wedding?

Influencer Stella Barey has revealed something shocking on her TikTok account which has surprised millions of her fans so far.

The 24-year-old Instagram star shared how he slept with her father’s best man at his wedding even after having a family back home.

The influencer Stella stated that at her father’s wedding, it was her first time meeting her father’s best man who had flown from Sweden to be his best man at his wedding.

She described him as smoking hot also clarifying that she became instantly attracted to him, but never thought that the feeling would be mutual.

However, as per her statement, after when the wedding was over, he invited her back to his Airbnb where the pair end up sleeping together.

Stella Barey
Stella Barey (Instagram/ana1princ3ss)

Stella Barey clarifies what happened at the wedding in a TikTok video

The influencer shared a TikTok video initially where she revealed how she ended up sleeping with her father’s best man.

In the TikTok video titled ‘How I got with my dad’s best man at his wedding, where she explained in full detail.

“It’s around 4 a.m. at this point, and we start talking, we’re laughing, it’s all good,” she said.

“My girlfriend has fallen asleep, and there were no Ubers around to get back to our hotel.”

“I was like, I’ll guess we have to sleep here, and I lay down next to him.”

“I wake up the next morning next to my dad’s best man, and my friend. Obviously that night, we did stuff, with my friend sleeping right next to me.”


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