Who is Stevie-Leigh Pich? Love Island Star’s Ex-Girlfriend Charged with Drug-Driving Case

Stevie-Leigh Pich accused by the magistrate of her drug driving charge. Love Island star’s ex-girlfriend caught in the case.

A magistrate criticized the ex-girlfriend of a well-known Love Island UK competitor for having a severe drug problem as she sought to have her drug-driving case postponed so she could finish a traffic offenders course.

Stevie-leigh Pich tested positive for cocaine during a roadside drug test in Hillsdale, in the eastern part of Sydney. They charged her in January with operating a vehicle while under the influence of an illicit drug.

The 25-year-old beautiful Stevie was pulled over for a breath test while driving her VW Golf on Bunnerong Rd in January.


Who is Stevie-Leigh Pich?

Stevie dated Connor Durman, a Love Island contender, and was in a relationship for three years. She claimed that they were together when he entered the show in 2020. The couple lived in Australia for over four years. Connor was unfaithful to Stevie when he cheated on her with another girl.


During their time together in Australia Pitch claims that she did everything from cooking to cleaning for the boy who said he did all the work. When they first met four years ago while working on a banana farm in Australia, Stevie claims they instantly hit it off and even shared a French bulldog.

The two last saw each other seven weeks ago in London, where the Islander acknowledged still loving her. Stevie, who previously tried out for Love Island during a brief breakup with Connor, claimed that time.

Stevie-Leigh Pich
Stevie-Leigh Pich and Connor Durman (Credit: Facebook/Stevie-Leigh Pich)

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What is the case of drug driving?

Pich, who has over 20,000 Instagram followers, was stopped for a breath test in January while operating a VW Golf along Bunnerong Rd. She tested negative for alcohol but her test for cocaine came positive. Stevie told the officer she hasn’t used it for two weeks.

Stevie was issued a court attendance notice at the end of June but she failed to face Waverley Local Court. She was found guilty in her absence, given a $1500 fine, and given a six-month driving ban. Pich promptly entered a guilty plea and applied for an annulment to have the verdict overturned.

Stevie-Leigh Pich
Stevie-Leigh Pich (Instagram/stevieleighpich)

On Tuesday, Pich was scheduled to appear at Waverley Local Court for sentencing. Her attorney informed the judge that Pich was eager to participate in the program for traffic offenders. Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge said, “She’s got a significant history of drugs, does she really think the program will help?”

The Magistrate has no problem with her doing the program but she has drug problems so the case was continued for sentencing on August 24.


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