Who is Talya Stein, Wife of American Politician Mo Elleithee?

Talya Stein and Mo Elleithee have been together for more than 15 years. They got married on 27th May 2007. Their wedding ceremonies were covered by the media.


More information about Talya Stein who is Elleithee’s wife

When Talya Stein and Mo Elleithee got married, Talya Stein was 31 years old and Mo was 34 years old. Mo Elleithee, who was born on December 13th, 1972, will turn 50 later this year; his wife Talya Stein, who is typically three years younger, will be 47.

Both Mo Elleithee and his wife Talya Stein were employed by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at the time of their marriage. Stein served as the campaign’s senior spokesperson, and Elleithee was in charge of finances.

Have they got children?

Yes, Mo Elleithee and his wife Talya Stein are parents to two kids. One son and one daughter.  Their first child was Sadie Is abella Elleithee. She was the topic of a news story, she was born on January 15 of that year.


It was said in a tweet : “Sadie and Tali are both resting and doing great,” “The proud papa is already fantasizing about taking his little girl to Georgetown basketball games.”

In another tweet, it is said “about to watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark for the first time with my son”.

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More information on Talya Stein’s family side

Talya Stein’s mother’s name is Roberta K. Stein and her father’s name is Michael R. Stein. Roberta started his own company which is a public relations company. She has been the owner and operator of her own company. She started the company in the month of September 1995.

Before that, Talya Stein spent almost seven years as a guest columnist and feature writer for the Chicago Tribune as well as seven years as the Jewish Community Centers of Chicago’s director of public relations.

Talya’s Stein father’s name is Michael Stein. Michael Stein is a professor of Mathematics.

He works at Northwestern University. He is a Harvard graduate and got his Ph.D. from Columbia.

What does Mo do?

The Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service was founded by Mo Elleithee in 2015.Mo Elleithee also founded Hilltop Public Solutions. The Hilltop Public Solution is a political consulting and PR company. The company’s headquarters is in Washington, DC. He came in the first number among all the other top influencers. The list was published by Campaigns & Elections magazine.


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