Who is Tammie Frank, Wife of Jason David Frank as She Files for Divorce

Tammie frank, the wife of Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank, files for divorce.
It appears that Jason David Frank’s marriage to Tammie Frank is on the verge of dissolution. Jason, a Power Rangers actor, and his wife Tammie have called it quits and started the divorce process.


Tammie Frank and Jason Frank are separating

Jason David Frank, an American entertainer, is best known for his role as Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers television series. His wife Tammie recently filed for divorce the 48-year-old is still unable to make a statement on this.

Although his significant other has posted hers on her website for entertainment.
Tammie continued by stating that the couple’s marital problems were caused by their disagreements and fighting. She added that she was unable to live with Jason due to his mistreatment of her.

In October 2021, Tammie published the final post on Instagram with Jason. It was a birthday post for him, and she had her dog in the corner.


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Reason for separation

The Hollywood actor’s wife Tammie, has filed for divorce from Jason, according to the court records obtained. She has accused him of having an extramarital affair. Tammie has alleged that Jason committed adultery in the divorce papers.

One of the many grounds for their divorce, according to her, was allegedly unfaithful behavior. The reports recently made clear that the couple has been experiencing issues for some time. In any case, they were not living together due to the problems their marriage was experiencing.

Tammie Frank and Jason David Frank
Tammie Frank and Jason David Frank (Instagram/Tammie Frank)

Tammie entered July 1 as the separation date in the paperwork she submitted. The couple has one kid. Their daughter Jenna, who is not a minor, exists. Jason posted on Instagram that their daughter Jenna graduated from college in May of this year.

Tammie is requesting that the court award her the majority of their assets, which include their Texas home and a vehicle.

Tammie’s message on Social Media

Tammie posted a mysterious statement on her Instagram account over a week ago about fresh starts and getting rid of the bad people. She wrote a lengthy quote that began, “God is saying to you today,” and posted it to her Instagram


The quote read, “Look up, your help is in me, not in men. I am doing a new thing in your life. It shall spring forth for all to see. I am removing the wrong people from your life and positioning you for something better and bigger.”

The message continues while she wrote, “They thought they hurt you, but I am the one who removed them. Stop crying over the loss and disappointment. You need to refocus your energy on the news things I am birthing in your life. Believe in what I am doing. Everything will end in your favor.”

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