Who is The Boyfriend of Amber Heard in 2022? The Actress Dating History, Love Life, Personal Life Explored

The Hollywood star Amber Heard has millions of fans and they loved her top-notch acting. The actress is currently dating Vito Schnabel and leading a happy couple’s life. But the love life of Amber Heard is very controversial as she has dated many popular figures. Before her linking up with Schnabel, she was in a relationship with business tycoon Elon Musk. However, she has a long list of relationships in her life. Besides, she even married Johnny Depp but later the couple gets a divorce.


Personal Life of Amber Heard:

The Aquaman actress is now in a happy relationship with Vito Schnabel and people are hoping for the best in this relationship. However, Amber has had many relationships in her past but none of them has worked. The actress has faced various media trials due to the equations in her relationship.

Unfortunately, Amber and Johnny Depp’s marriage ends on a bad note. Amber charged a legal case against Johnny Deep for abusing her. After getting over the abusive marriage, she started dating Elon Musk. However, even this relationship didn’t work and they call for a breakup. Presently she is in her happy space sharing a relationship with Vito Schnabel.


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Relationship story of Amber Heard !!

As we all know Amber has had many relationships in past, let’s know about them in brief. Amber Heard has a long history of relationships, she was even dating a girl partner back then. Amber has seen many unsuccessful relationships in her life. Many people judge her due to her multiple failing relationships. During her initial days, she use to date Aljandronn Monteverde who provide a helping hand for her career.

After breaking up with Aljandron, she fell in love with an actor named Valentino Lanus. And the list goes on as she dated Mark Wystrach and Sean Fris for a brief amount of time. However, she was in the longest duration of the relationship with a girl partner making various new headlines. Amber Heard even changed her name during dating her lesbian partner.

Amber Heard controversy with Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have millions of fans across the world. The two have once shared a great bond but later the relationship goes abusive. They even consult a therapist for working out differences in the relationship. However, everything gets failed as it was a case of ” mutual abuse”.


The Hollywood actress used to say that the Pirates actor was abusive towards her. But Johnny Depp has dismissed all the claims of abuse saying it was all fake narrative. He refutes the claim of physically assaulting the actress after their fight. Anyway, they end their abusive relationship by getting a divorce.

Amber Heard link up with Elon Musk

After the bitter legal fight with Deep, the actress turned headlines by her closeness with Elon Musk. Besides Amber was also accused of cheating Depp by getting involved with Musk. The legal team has shown the footage where the actress can be seen with Musk on the elevator. Therefore Musk was a top topic during her law battle with Johnny Depp.


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