Who is The Boyfriend of Crazy Love star Krystal Jung in 2022? Her Dating History and Love Life explored

Chrystal Soo Jung, famously known as Krystal Jung is a 27-year-old Korean-American actress and singer based in South Korea. In 2009, Krystal debuted as a member of a South Korean girl group called f(x) and has also been a part of ‘SM the Balled’ which was a project group by SM Entertainment. She has recently been grabbing a lot of attention from people around the world because of her role in the hit k-drama, ‘Crazy Love‘ which premiered on 7th March 2022. This article will explore Krystal Jung’s love life and dating life.


Krystal Jung’s Relationship Status

Krystal Jung is single as of 2022. There has been no particular report of her dating anyone as of now. Krystal is pretty secretive about her dating life. This is understandable as publicizing a relationship garners much-unwanted attention and criticism.

Jung’s Dating History

Krystal’s last known relationship was in 2016 when Jung dated EXO’s Kim Jong-in (also known as Kai). A statement confirming their relationship

was released by SM Entertainment as it managed both the artists. They are rumored to have started dating in February of 2016 when they were spotted and photographed by the paparazzi stepping out of a car together. It is also said that they had dined at Krystal’s favorite crab restaurant that night. This news took over the internet quickly and social media was in a frenzy.
Krystal Jung with Kai

A lot of fans had been hoping to see Krystal and Kai date ever since they first met each other in 2007.

However, they broke up in June of 2017 after reportedly dating for over a year and two months. The reason for their breakup was their busy schedules. SM Entertainment, the artists’ agency confirmed this news by saying that the two had split but remained good friends.

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Hope for Rekindling Romance with her Ex?

In a video in 2018, one of Jung’s group members asked her if she would ever consider going back to an ex. Krystal gave a genuine reply and stated that she was one of those people who pour their everything into relationships to avoid regrets in the future. But also added that in case things do not work out, she tends to leave the past behind and move on.


“I always do my best in any relationship, with dating too. If we break up, for me it’s really a break up. I don’t wish to see them again”

Krystal Jung

She has stated that she has never gone back to any previous romantic relationships to date. However, she also added that this could change in the future.

Krystal Jung’s Current Boyfriend

Krystal Jung is currently not in a relationship. She seems to be quite busy as seen on her Instagram with the new ELLE Korea cover and Chase Keith collaboration being her latest projects.


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