Who is The boyfriend of Lee Se-Hee? Check Out Her Dating Life, Career, Best Movies & Shows

In this article, you are going to know about the boyfriend of Lee Se-Hee and expect to gain a little more insight into Lee Se Hee’s personal life and her best works.


Who is Lee Se-Hee?

Lee Se-Hee is a South Korean actress who made her debut in 2015 in the music video, “364 Days of A Dream” and has appeared in a bunch of films and shows since then. Besides, she gained a lot of attention for her role as Park Dan-dan in the 2021 TV series, “Young Lady and Gentleman“. Her character in the show is considered to be her breakthrough role. She even won the Best New Actress at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

Dating Life

Lee Se-Hee’s dating life is under the wraps as no such rumors of her dating

have come out. She might have one prior relationship. Theirs not much detail on the boyfriend of Lee Se-Hee. However, details about the relationship are unknown. Lee Se-Hee is currently single.

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Lee Se-Hee’s career

started when she first debuted in the music video “364 Days of Dream” in 2015. From 2017 to 2019, she bagged roles in successful projects like Midnight Runners, Fengshui, and Kiss Goblin in supporting roles. And in 2020, she was a supporting cast in Love Revolution, an extremely successful show.

She appeared in the 2nd season of “Hospital Playlist” as Kang So-ye, in 2021. Also, She was the female lead in the drama, “Young Lady and Gentleman” and her role in the show was adored by all. The series is one of the most popular K-dramas.

She has been a part of a great number of TV shows. And now, KBS cast her in “True Sword Battle” as Shin A-ra, who is the senior prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

Her modeling career is also quickly picking up. In September 2021, Ed Hardy selected Lee as a brand model for his new golf wear line. She is the brand muse for Liful Minimal Garments. She is also the model for the denim brand, “Siwy”.

Lee Se-Hee
Image: Lee Se-Hee

Awards and Nominations

Lee Se-Hee has received two nominations so far, and she has won both of them. In the 2021 KBS Awards, she was nominated for two awards. Her nominations included, “Best New Actress” and “Best Couple Award”. Also, She won the Best New Actress award and the Best Couple Award (which she won with Ji Hyun-woo for Young Lady and Gentleman).


With multiple projects and opportunities lined up for Lee Se-Hee, we are sure she will be busy in the coming years.

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