Who is The Famous Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson as She Dies at 25?

When Anna Moriah Wilson’s companion returned home late on May 11 to her Austin apartment. She found Wilson lying on the ground unconscious and covered in blood. This discovery stunned the cycling world. The Vermont native, Anna Moriah Wilson is 25 years old and goes by the nickname Mo among her friends. She had just arrived in Texas the day before to participate in the Gravel Locos that weekend. A gravel bike event that is 150 miles long and which she is in favor to win.


Who is the Famous Cyclist Anna Morish Wilson?

Anna Moriah Wilson was a gravel and mountain biker who competed professionally. And was seen as a rising talent in the sport. She traveled from San Francisco to be here for a race in Hico, located north of Waco. On May 11, her body was inside a residence located in East Austin on Maple Avenue.

Wilson allegedly spent his childhood in Vermont and competed in several events over the summer. One of which took place in East Africa. After her passing, many around the cycling community took to social media to reflect on her life and the profound influence she had on the community that is riding.

The police believe that Armstrong, who shares a residence with Strickland, was the SUV owner. This week, police searched Armstrong’s house in South Austin; however, it is unclear what evidence was there during the search.

Anna Moriah Wilson
Image: Anna Moriah Wilson (From: Instagram/mo__wilson)

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Anna Dies at 25

Police in Austin have arrested a lady and charged her with the murder of a professional cyclist named Anna Moriah Wilson. An affidavit was used to get an arrest warrant charged by Wilson. Another professional cyclist, and the person who is suspected of committing the crime. Kaitlin Marie Armstrong may have been in a love triangle.

Armstrong, who is 34 years old, has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of Wilson, who was 25 years old. Wilson’s body was discovered on May 11 inside a residence in East Austin. Armstrong was the subject of an arrest warrant, but he had not been taken into custody until this day (Friday afternoon).

According to the affidavit, detectives claim that Armstrong and her longtime boyfriend, professional cyclist Colin Strickland, broke up in October of 2021. The two eventually became romantically linked, but Strickland quickly returned to his previous relationship with Armstrong.


After going for a swim, Strickland said that he left Wilson off at the friend’s apartment at around 8:30 p.m. As stated in the affidavit that documents the interview with the police. He freely confirmed that he and Armstrong maintain 9mm firearms at their residence. He has held that he had no part in Wilson’s passing and has not been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with the incident.

Friday, Strickland sent a statement to the local media in which he claimed that he and Wilson had a one-week romance in the late year of 2021 when Wilson was in Austin on a visit. According to him, they were both freshly single, but around one month after Wilson moved out of Austin, he started seeing Armstrong again. He said that he often saw Wilson at various competitive events and that they would sometimes train together.


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