Who is the Girlfriend of Mike Xhaxho, Ken Eurich? Her Dating Life, Career & Net Worth Explored

Mike Xhaxho recently opened up about his personal life on his TikTok account. He mentioned his relationship with his on-and-off girlfriend, Ken Eurich who is also a TikTok star.


Who is Mike Xhaxho?

Mike Xhaxho is a 21-year-old influencer and the co-founder of the company, Waterboy. His company specializes in the production of a hydration recovery formula. Basically, this formula is added to water and consumed to help recover from a night full of drinking. He has amassed a following of 27k followers on TikTok. He is based in Austin, Texas. Mike uses his TikTok platform to talk more about his company and the products they offer.

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Mike Reveals More About Himself

Recently, Mike opened up about his personal life on his TikTok. He shed some light on his past and his present. Xhaxho revealed that he was previously married. He shared that he got engaged in 2016 and married in 2018, but the relationship did not work out so well and they ended up getting divorced in 2020. Mike did not share the reason for the divorce, as he felt it would be unfair to do so, seeing as his previous partner did not have a platform like Mike’s to share their side of the story.

Ken Eurich Girlfriend of Mike Xhaxho
Image: Mike Xhaxho with girlfriend Ken Eurichaption>

He then proceeded to say that he has been dating Ken Eurich on and off for the past few months. In the video, he explains how he met her for the first time in the July of 2021. However, they did not start talking to each other until late October, during a Halloween party, when they became friends. In February, Ken moved to Texas with Xhaxho and they started dating shortly after.

Xhaxho added that soon after moving in, both of them realized that they had been moving too fast with the relationship and decided to take a step back. They decided to remain friends and also addressed their break-up in a video last month. It is unclear if they are still dating or on a break.

Who is Ken Eurich?

Ken Eurich is a TikTok influencer and is known for the comedy videos that she posts on the platform. She started her journey on TikTok in March 2020. She quickly rose to fame on the platform and currently has around 1M people following her TikTok account.

Ken Eurich’s net worth is said to be more than $50K however, the figure is not accurate and may be subject to change as her popularity increases.

Eurich’s TikTok username is @/ken.eurich and you can check her videos out on the app.

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