Who was Zaria? 15-year-old Daughter Killed by Father Joshua Lee Burgess in North Carolina

As the title suggests, a murder of a 15-year-old kid in 2019 is all over the news because of the latest development. Her father had already taken the blame for killing his daughter Zaria back in 2019. Who was the daughter? Who was her father and why did he kill her? This article has everything you want to know about the conviction and the history of the case.


About the conviction

A man named Joshua, 35 years of age killed his daughter back in 2019. On Friday 3 June 2022, the court ordered the prosecution of the father. The death sentence came after a 3-day trial and on Friday the hearing was about 3 hours. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the court took a fairly long time to decide the fate of this man. The Union County Sheriff’s Office researched the case and indicated by DA Trey Robison

and ADA Mary Beth Usher, with the critical help of ADA Cristin Dunne and DA Office Investigator Ronnie Watkins. Moreover, the court ordered using a drug to prosecute the accused. Also, the drug is used in North Carolina for prosecution.
Image: Zaria (Credit: Facebook)

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About the incident with Zaria

The incident happened on August 18, 2019. Joshua was the father of a 15-year-old girl named Zaria. The girl was living with her biological mother. The mother’s name is not mentioned anywhere. Zaria came to visit his father during the weekend when the man decided to do the dirty task all by himself. He is convicted of slitting Zaria’s throat after psychologically and sexually torturing her for 22 hours. He dis this at his home off Airport Road in Monroe. In addition to this, one count, three counts, and one count of first-degree murder, statutory sex offense first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor respectively. Moreover, The court ordered him to 76 years of jail for this offense.

And it is not that the man tried to escape. Instead, went to the sheriff’s office and confessed to the killing he had done. The whole world, the court, and everyone were in a state of shock. This is because he has not mentioned the reason for killing his daughter Zaria. Moreover, in fact, He further told the police that he had done this himself. He told the place where the body was.


Who is Joshua Lee Burgess?

According to the reports by WCNC, Joshua was a  Union County local, and father to a 15-year-old girl, Zaria. She was a very high achieving sophomore at Union County High school. Furthermore, Very little related to the man is available, but many netizens allege he has white supremacist leanings.


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