Who was Alyssa Cahoon? 17-year-old Army National Guard Collapsed and Died During Physical Training

According to WLTX, Alyssa Cahoon, a teenager, passed away on Thursday in a hospital.

She experienced a medical emergency while undergoing physical training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.


Who was Alyssa Cahoon?

Alyssa Cahoon was a 17-year-old teenager, undergoing a training program at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. She was training for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Cahoon and her identical sister Brianna were enlisted in Pennsylvania, both 42A Human Resource Specialists. Thursday, 25th August, marked the graduation of their Company A & B 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, 165th Infantry Brigade.

“How cool is it that they get to go through Basic Combat Training together?! They qualified on their rifles with Back-up Iron Sights today!” 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, in July, posted the pictures of both the sisters’ training, on Facebook.

The sisters’ mother, Susan Cahoon remarked on the post, “Love it! These are my girls! Miss them so much but so happy they are together!”

A post came on July 16, containing a video of the identical sisters practicing with a rifle.


The Fort Jackson Training Centre, United States Army

According to Fort Jackson’s official website, Fort Jackson, started in 1917, is the primary facility for Basic Combat Training in the American Army. Each year, the site trains more than 60% of the women joining the Army and around 50% of all Soldiers.

The main objective of the post is to supply the Army with soldiers who are skilled, obedient, driven, and physically strong, who uphold the Army’s basic principles, and are committed to collaboration.

To complete this goal, more than 45,000 Soldiers must complete basic training each year, and 12,000 more must complete the foremost training.

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Alyssa Cahoon’ demise

Cahoon and her identical sister Brianna were enlisted in Pennsylvania, both 42A Human Resource Specialists. During Alyssa’s training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, she collapsed and suffered from a medical crisis.

Fort Jackson Medical Emergency Team took Cahoon to a hospital away from the site. There in the hospital, she was admitted for 5 days and after that, she passed away. It happened on 25th

August 2022. With her loved ones by her bedside, she passed away.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the family members and teammates of the deceased soldier. We are providing every comfort and assistance that we can to all involved,” lamented U.S. Army Training Center and Fort Jackson’s Commander Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, to WLTX.

Alyssa Cahoon
(Credit: Facebook)

Current situation and the Tribute to Cahoon

A probe has been initiated and the American army is looking for the reason behind Alyssa’s demise.

In response to PEOPLE‘s request for a statement, Fort Jackson did not react instantly.

In a message posted to Facebook, the 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment paid tribute to Cahoon.  “Leyte Family, It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of PFC Alyssa Cahoon,” they posted. “She passed away last night, 25 August 2022, with her family by her bedside.”


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