Who was Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw? Chase Outlaw’s Daughter Died Aged 11

The famous bull rider Chase Outlaw’s daughter Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw died at the age of 11. People and fans on the internet are horrified by her young age and want to know why she died. Let’s just get into the article.


Who is Chase Outlaw?

Chase Outlaw is a popular bull rider in the USA. The rider originally is from Hamburg, Arkansas. The rider currently ranked 47 bull riders in the world, has gained an enormous fan following among the people who enjoy this kind of sport.

In 2019, Chase also earned the moniker of becoming the CEO of Outlaw Nation by winning a world title just 16 months after a reconstructive surgery that Chase had to went through.

He currently holds most of the top-level bull riding titles, despite risking his health in the process, which has earned him the title of “greatest” among his followers.

Who was Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw?

Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw was the daughter of the famous bull rider of the USA, Chase Outlaw. Unfortunately, she is not alive as she died at just the age of 11.


People and fans who follow the Bull riding industry recently came across the sad news which stated that Cash Outlaw has died.

As per sources, she was one of the kinds of daughters for her dad Chase Outlaw, who dearly loved and protected her against all the odds and the evils of the world.

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Chase Outlaw’s daughter Cashleigh “Cash” Outlaw died

Chase Outlaw’s daughter Cash Outlaw passed away on Friday, October 14, 2022, at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Thereafter it was stated that her father Cash Outlaw had been in the hospital and making several rounds for weeks before her passing. Her death came just after Cash Outlaw celebrated her birthday and turned 11 this year, but unfortunately, she died which is very sad and disheartening.

It was thus confirmed that Cash was having Type 1 Diabetes throughout her life, therefore she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was born around two years old.


Her family members, ho wever, also claimed that she was incredibly strong and never let anything slow her down.


What was the reason behind Cash Outlaw’s death?

As stated above Cash Outlaw was having Type 1 Diabetes, but the most sad part is that she was having that throughout her life.

That was the major reason behind that little girl’s death. With the death of Cash Outlaw, PBR also twitted mourning the death of Cash on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, stating “Today, we ask for your thoughts and prayers for Chase Outlaw and his family as they mourn the loss of their daughter Cash,” 

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