Who was Jess Wallis, Wife of Steve Wallis? Camping Youtuber’s Tribute to Late Wife

The Famous Canadian YouTube Steve Wallis announced on Thursday that his wife Jess Wallis passed away. Steve runs a YouTube channel and is known for his camping videos.

His wife Jess Wallis often shared video platforms with him and was a part of his videos. The YouTuber shared this devastating news in his recent video and paid tribute to his dead beautiful wife. He revealed that Jess died in her sleep last Saturday.


Who was Jess Wallis?

Jess Wallis was the wife of popular Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis. They tied the knot in 2017. The camping YouTuber is known for his camping videos. Steve runs a YouTube channel “camping with Steve.”

Steve has recently announced in his video that he has lost his wife. The popular YouTuber revealed that he had just returned from a 2-day camping trip in the woods.

Then one night they went to bed together. But when he woke up Jess had already died in her sleep. The camping YouTuber is devastated and heartbroken after losing his precious wife.

Steve stated that Jess was the brightness of his life and now she has left him all alone to deal with his miseries.


It is devastating for him to lose his wife who has been with him for the last five years. 

The only person behind the Youtuber’s success was his beautiful wife. Steve Wallis used to be unemployed and homeless. One day, he met a girl named Jess. 

She helped him to start something new, a business of his own, and become successful.

Now it is heartbreaking for him to lose the brightness of his life abruptly. As he announced this news, social media flooded with fans’ tributes to her. 

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The Youtuber pays tribute to his late wife

The YouTuber shared a new video on Thursday titled Rest In Peace. Through this video, he shared the devastating news of Jess’s demise and paid tribute to her.

He requested his fans to donate to a local food bank or shelter in h is late wife Jessica’s honor. His fans and followers keep spreading this message over social media. And they request others to do the same.


A few minutes after the announcement of this sad news, social media was flooded with his fans’ tributes to her. 

Revealing the reason behind his success, the Youtuber said, ” The only reason there is a Camping with Steve at all is because of Jess.”

While Informing his fans about the YouTube break, Wallis said that he will be taking a break from making videos and his channel. But he will return in the future with amazing and entertaining videos again.

Steve said, “Jess wouldn’t want me to stop making videos.”

Weeks before Jessica’s demise, Wallis celebrated their 5 years wedding anniversary with her. The Youtuber also shared a snap alongside Jessica of their most important day.


He captioned, “happy 5th-anniversary beautiful wife! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I could not imagine a better partner to grow through life with.”

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