Who was Karina Castro? Suspect Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta Arrested for Killing Ex-Girlfriend

The shocking news that made people drop down their Jaws is the recent Karina Castro murder which has made headlines increasingly. People are getting suspicious regarding the death of Karina Castro. Let us explore this article so to get some relevant information.


Who was Karina Castro?

Karina Castro was a 27-year-old Saint Carlos, California, United States residing woman, who was a mother of 7 and 1-year-old girls. She attended Menlo-Atherton High School and thereafter she worked as a DoorDash driver in Saint Carlos, California.

The woman was working as a DoorDash driver so to support her 2 young daughters and their livelihood.

Karina Castro
Karina Castro (Facebook)

Who is Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta? the guy who murdered Karina Castro

Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta is a 33-year-old man who is the murderer of his Ex-Girlfriend Karina Castro.

Very many details regarding Jose’s background are not out yet, but he is currently trending for the murder that he committed on his Ex-Girlfriend Karina.


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How and When was Karina Castro murdered?

Karina Castro was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta in her apartment on Thursday in Saint Carlos, California, United States. He killed her outside her apartment around 11: 50 am during their argument which took place in Karina’s apartment on Magnolia Avenue and Laurel Street.

As per sources, the San Mateo County Sheriff has stated that Jose Rafael Solano murdered Karina with a sword attack.

Talking about her family members, Karina’s father Martin Castro also cried when he saw the firefighters wash off her daughter’s bloodstains.

He stated “I miss her already. My heart is empty without her. She was my best friend,” also adding the feeling he felt about Karina’s Ex-boyfriend “I didn’t like him from day one. He’s been nothing but trouble since the day he came into her life. When she got pregnant by him, my heart dropped,” he said.


Suspect Jose Rafael arrested for killing his Ex-Girlfriend

The police arrested Jose Rafael immediately after the incident on Friday. Arrested on homicide charges after killing his ex-girlfriend Karina.

Well, as per sources, the police stated that the suspect used a sword for the murder but according to them the search for the weapon is still going on.

The Child Protection Services (CPS) took custody of the two young girls along with one dog and two cats who were inside the house.

It is very un fortunate for the family members and the father who lost their beloved daughter, leaving two small young daughters behind.


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