Who was Mike Marcum? The Man Who Claimed He Discovered Time Travel

Mike Marcum was an American man who claimed to have discovered time travel. He claimed that he had invented a time machine and had used it to travel to the future. He also claimed to have met aliens and had been to the moon.


From Where Mike Marcum’s journey started

Mike Marcum often called Madman tried to construct a time machine on the porch of his house which is in Stanberry, Missouri. He started to make a machine which was named Jacobs Ladder. All these happened in early 1995.

It makes use of a recycled Compact Disc laser to decrease air resistance between two poles. A continuous arc will be the outcome. The time when he activated the device, he saw something very odd.

He decided to try the machine and decided to throw a metal screw through the vortex to see what happens. As per him, the screw vanished for half a second and reappeared a few feet away after a second.

Mike Marcum’s reason for making the time machine

He was then 21 years old and his area of study was in electricity. According to everyone she was quite intelligent compared to everyone. He tried to make a time machine mainly because he wanted to get the winning lottery numbers from the future so that he could buy the winning ticket beforehand. But he had a problem where he got stuck.

After testing several times the CF laser caught fire and he figures he had to make the machine once more and have to use larger transformers.


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Mike Marcum choosing the illegal way

Mike Marcum wanted to buy those transformers but they were quite expensive so he couldn’t afford them. He knew there were 6 old transformers in a local power station so he stole them from the St. Joseph Light and Power station.

He was later arrested for stealing those transformers and was out behind the bars, he even caused a blackout in his neighborhood while doing his experiments.

When he was released after a few months he was invited to a radio show by Art Bell where he told his story and how he wanted to build a time machine. He also promised to do everything legally from then.

He even told the radio show host how he as lost every penny he had and how he wanted to rebuild the time machine. The radio show turned out to do good for him. Many listeners helped him out with funding and spare parts.

Mike Marcum Experimenting the time machine on himself

This time he built a huge machine because he wanted to apply it to himself. The last engine ran at a kilowatt rate and this one ran at 3 megawatts.

After a year he was again invited as a guest in Arts Bell’s show. This time he told Art that the machine he built this time was larger and the electromagnetic vortex was so big that it could fit a human.


The strange death of Mike Marcum

Mike Marcum was again invited to Art Bell’s show in 1996 which was his last appearance in the show. He said in the show that he was 30 days away from completing his time machine. When he was asked what will he take with him during the time travel, he replied that he would just take his cell phone with him.

That’s the last time everyone heard from him. Mike Marcum disappeared in 1997. Sometime after that, a listener of the show shared a strange historical incident he had read about somewhere. It was about a dead man who was found on a beach in California.

The man was crushed in a strange metal tube. No one could figure out the face of the man but a strange small machine was lying beside the dead body. The caller said it was a cell phone.


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