Who was Nika Shakarami? Iranian Security Forces Stole Teenage Protestor’s Body and Buried

Nika Shakarami, a 17-year-old woman’s body was reportedly stolen by the Iranian Security Forces. She has then buried around 40 km away from the town in which her parents lived. Despite the consolation that the police offered of not doing any funeral, they still chose to bury her. This sparked public outrage on the streets and on the media.


The Full Report on Nika Shakarami

Nika Shakarami like the other Iran citizens, was protesting against the government. This protest was after the death of Iranian Kurdish Woman, Mahsa Amini, 22 in a police custody.

Nika Shakarami sent a message to one of her close friends on September 20, informing that the armed security forces were after her and that she is running away from them. After this incident, she went missing for nearly 10 days.

Her family later found Nika who was clearly beaten before her death, in a morgue at some police detention centre. Nika’s aunt, Atash Shakarami said, “When we went to identify her, they didn’t allow us to see her body, only her face for a few seconds”.


However, they got to see Nika when the officers released her for her burial. Atash further added, “In the morning, when the police went to hand over the body, they saw that her nose was destroyed and her skull was broken and disintegrated from multiple blows of a hard object”.

Following the turn of events, her family transferred her body Khorramabad for on Sunday, her 17th birthday. But then, the authorities in a yet another move, stole Nika’s body and Buried her 49 km away in Veysian.

Nika Shakarami
Nika Shakarami

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Atash arrested and threatened by the police

The concerned authorities arrested Atash Shakarami, Nika Shakarami’s aunt when she posted about her niece’s death on Iranian social media. According to the reports, the police then threatened her. They then told her that she’ll be killed if any of her family took part in the protest against the government.


The Public Anger

Following Nika Shakarami’s death, the Iranian public started expressing their sadness and anger on social media platforms. Apart from that, they started gathering in Khorramabad cemetery and shouted “death to the dictator,” which is a reference to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Who was Mahsa Amini ?

Mahsa Amini was a 22 year old woman who was arrested on September 13 by the “morality police” for wearing tight trousers. According to the women arrested with her, the police brutally beat her inside the van. An ambulance came to transfer her to the hospital where she died after three days.


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