Who were Diana Robles & Ofelia Figueroa-Perez? Two Arizona Nurses Died During Off-Roading

Recently a very heart-wrenching event happened, where two nurses Diana Robles & Ofelia Figueroa-Perez died during a very disastrous event that happened to both of them, people are in grief with the damaging event that happened to both of them. Let us explore the article so to include some brief details.


Who were Diana Robles and Ofelia Figueroa?

Diana Robles and Ofelia Figueroa, both were nurses between 28 and 60 years of age from Yuma, Arizona. They both worked as nurses at Yuma Regional Medical Centre.

The news regarding Diana and Ofelia’s death has circulated over social media which has made people think about the hazardous incident that the nurses and their hired driver had to go through.

What happened to Diana Robles and Ofelia Figueroa?

Diana Robles, Ofelia Figueroa, the two nurses and the hired driver Don Fehd who was 72 years of age all died when their Jeep tumbled over the edge of Ouray County Road 361 around September 12.


The accident was a very bad one in nature as the Vehicle first fell 100 feet to the bottom of a cliff according to police. The Jeep then rolled about 140 feet down a rocky terrain which completely destroyed the lives of both the two nurses as per officials’ statement.

Thus, the bodies of these two nurses founded in a very bad condition and in the car, which rested on its roof near the bank of a creek, as said by the police.

Diana Robles and Ofelia Figueroa were both nurses and along with them the hired driver, who worked at Colorado West Jeep Rentals and Tours.

The driver known for his quirky, genuine way of entertaining people while performing his driving tasks, very much loved his passengers, according to The Ouray County Plaindealer.

Diana Robles & Ofelia Figueroa-Perez
Diana Robles & Ofelia Figueroa-Perez (Facebook)

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Diana Robles and Ofelia Figueroa died during Off-Roading?

Diana and Ofelia had gone to the Colorado Mountains for a getaway, but the tables turn when an unexpected event happen which led to the death of three people Diana, Ofelia and Fehd, the hired driver.


The driver was very much friendly and interactive with both the nurses, as per official sources.

As per the sources Drugs, alcohol, weather, and speed not the suspected factor in the incident with both the customers were wearing their seatbelts.

Family members of Diana wrote on social media platforms thereby expressing their grief ‘We are in a loss for words and in disbelief,’ family member Diana Figueroa wrote on Facebook. ‘We know they are in the merciful hands of our Lord as they themselves being nurses had healing hands in every life they touched.’


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