Why Are Dentists In The UK Warning Against The “Turkey Teeth” Trend

‘Turkey teeth’ is a trend that involves Brits traveling abroad to receive dental treatment to receive discounted crown treatments. However, not fully understanding the implications of the treatment many have become victims of severe dental issues.


The Turkey Teeth Trend

The TikTok trend saw its rise to fame after TV personality Katie Price and Love Island’s Jack Fincham mentioned it. The procedure entails filing teeth to their pegs and fitting customizable crowns and veneers on them. The hashtag, #Turkeyteeth currently has nearly 130 million views on the platform.

The idea of the trend is to achieve the ‘perfect smile’. However, the treatment is leaving people with astronomical medical bills and a whole lot of pain.

Turkey Teeth
Credit: TikTok

Victims Of Faulty Treatments

48-year-old Lisa Martyn speaks about her experience falling into this treat to BBC. Lisa claims she underwent the procedure before her son’s wedding to get the advertised “perfect smile”. Now, she has nerve sensitivity and lives in pain.

She flew to Turkey for 26 veneers and unfortunately after receiving incorrect treatment, she now has to consider getting dentures.

Getting veneers means putting thin shells on minimally shaved teeth. Months after faulty treatment, she discovered they gave her crowns. This is where they shave down 60-70% of the original tooth.

In her statement, she said: ‘My teeth are gone. They’re filed down so much. They never said your teeth can die, that you can get an abscess.’

The damage the treatment caused was immense and Lisa was unable to eat properly afterward. She has since lost two stones. The original procedure in Turkey cost €3,500. Now she has to spend an additional €2,000 on root canal procedures.

‘Financially it’s going to cripple me, but that’s just the price I have to pay after going to Turkey and filing all my teeth down’.

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Dentists’ Warnings

Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann reveals in an interview with BBC that: ‘If I did 20 crowns on a 21-year-old for the purposes of improving the colour, I would have my licence revoked, I would be struck off’.

BBC’s survey shows that 6/10 UK dentists have treated people for the repercussions of the ‘Turkey teeth’ trend. 1/5 revealed that the repair costs over £5,000. Only some of the repair treatments are available on the NHS.

The head of the BDA has commented on the situation. They said: ‘We strongly advise people considering this to check a dentist’s qualifications and experience and whether they are insured if things go wrong’.


How The Turkey Teeth Trend Went Viral

Love Island winner, Jack Fincham propelled the idea into a viral trend after talking about it on the show. Searches for Turkey teeth spiked from then on

He said: ‘My mum used to be a dental nurse, so I know how expensive it is to get your teeth done. I knew it would be about £10,000 – £15,000 easily in England. So I thought I’d rather just go to Turkey get a bit of sun, have a laugh.’

Turkey Teeth
Credit: Katie Price/Youtube

He now reveals in a statement that, ‘I didn’t really know what a crown was. And I didn’t know it was quite as invasive as it was’.

Though not all return with complications, many are suffering the consequences of the ‘Turkey teeth’ trend.

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