Why Did AirBnB Ban Twitch Streamer JustaMinx?

Twitch streamer “JustaMinx” claimed that Airbnb has banned her account after a scary house invasion. She used to live on a property of Airbnb.

She is a popular Irish streamer. She attempted to resume her broadcasting work but has been hindered by several terrifying incidents.


When did the incident take place?

On 3rd November, Minx said that two men who allegedly lived below the property broke into the Airbnb she was renting.

Not only that, but Minx’s two cats vanished at the same time and hid underneath the house. The streamer and the local law enforcement later found a stash of illegal stuff that the suspected intruders had stored there.

JustaMinx shared a photo of her damaged household items

“They broke the window with the security camera too” JustaMinx tweeted from her tweeter account.

After the invasion, Minx said that the attackers returned to the Airbnb and threatened her. They also used the property’s Wi-Fi to “steal IP addresses.”

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Airbnb banned Minx after the incident

Minx claims that she is currently looking for another place to live. She already relocated both of her cats (who are safe and healthy).

She says that the search for another house to stay in has been difficult because Airbnb has banned her.

On November 10, Minx claimed in a tweet that the service had also made it impossible for her to book anywhere within a 300-kilometer radius.

JustaMinx cannot book an Airbnb within a 300-kilometer radius

“Finding a new place and moving again has been stressful,” the streamer wrote. “Especially with not being able to get a refund on the current house I’m in and AirBnB banning my account and not letting me book anywhere in a 300 km radius. Grateful for my friends helping me look and taking in my kitties.”

For the time being, Minx is concentrating on finding a new home to reside in while managing the circumstances at her Airbnb.


She is receiving a flood of love and support from her followers right now. Fans have been supporting her through everything. That’s a relief for the Twitch streamer

This information comes in response to Minx’s claims that she was expelled from the OpTic team residence and given a 24-hour notice to leave the property.

Users’ reaction to this incident

One said: Hi Minx.
Glad you’re moving away from that last Airbnb and glad you’re friends have taken in your kitties too.
Wow, hope you do get you’re money back. Damn that drug Airbnb den.
Take care and keep safe Minx and hope you find a new place soon.❤

Another wrote: Airbnb punished you after all you’ve been through?!

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