Why Did BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sparks Change Hair Color? All The Speculations Explored

Known for her artsy nail art and stylish outfits, BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sparks has shown her new hair color on social media. Her orange-strawberry blonde hair is a dramatically different color from her previous black hair. She captioned a recent Instagram post with a series of selfies with “Don’t talk to me or my new hair.”.


Why did Blackpink Jennie sparks change hair color?

A cropped black tee from Calvin Klein and jeans from Calvin Klein is the perfect way for Jennie to showcase the color. The actress takes creative selfies while wearing a very natural makeup look with soft pink lipstick by matching the color of her hair with the color of the flowers.

We’re considering changing our hair color thanks to Jennie Sparks of BLACKPINK. Jennie’s Instagram hair reveal suggests flowers may make the perfect inspiration for hair dye.

The star, known for her dark hair and giant Crocs, has revealed that she had dyed her hair orange just days before. She took a picture next to some vibrantly colored flowers that were an excellent complement to the new color.


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Jennie New Hair Color

Jennie’s hair seems to be an orange shade now. I believe it to be a cross between an orange and a peach, but not as bright as the flowers she poses next to. I think the color she chooses is stunning.

An orange Calvin Klein top complemented the new hairstyle and a pair of jeans, and a Calvin Klein top in navy blue. She didn’t cut any of her hair during her last salon visit. Instead, she parted her hair in the middle. From her most recent Instagram post, she appeared to have hair about the same length.

The change to Jennie’s story hasn’t been explained. However, she did post a few photos of Milla Jovovich’s orange-haired character from the Fifth Element.

Our glam isn’t exactly uncommon to be inspired by members of BLACKPINK. Jennie Sparks and her bandmates are regularly praised for their trendsetting style. During Paris Fashion Week in March, Jisoo released dip-dyed ends. Around the same time, Lisa had her hair turned platinum blonde.

Jennie Sparks with BLACKPINK group
Image: Jennie Sparks with BLACKPINK group

Jennie New Hair Colour Update

This summer is the perfect time to try something new, especially if you envision a future with orange hair. A semi-permanent color from Lime Crime is giving Jennie Sparks vibes if your hair is already lighter. Those with brunette-colored hair can use Overtone’s coloring option. Use this temporary Poser Paste from GoodDyeYoung as a trial run first. If you did not wish to dye your hair, you could rock clip in colored highlights from INH instead. It is entirely up to you!


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