Why Did Donald Trump Visit Washington DC?

Recently Donald Trump was seen making a surprise visit to Washington and fans are thus on the rise of assumptions regarding the reason for his visit to the city. While the reasons are not out, some theories are probably there to justify the reasons for his visit. Let us explore this article to get some juicy insights.


Donald Trump Visiting Washington DC? What’s the reason?

Donald Trump on Sunday Evening made an unexpected and unannounced visit to Washington DC which gave an indication to several rumours regarding his suspicious visit.

The fact that the former president has only travelled to the nation’s capital one time, his second arrival on Sunday evening has sparked some major rumours regarding why the former president went to the city.

A video of the former president also went viral on the internet, where Donald Trump appears to be wearing golf shoes and a white polo top.

Arriving at the Dulles Airport in Virginia, an airport

used by those heading to the capital, the video also gained a lot of speculations regarding the reason behind the former president’s travel.

In the video Donald Trump made an appearance getting out of a plane and heading into a vehicle waiting on the asphalt.

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What are the theories that are emerging regarding the Washington visit by Donald Trump?

While Donald Trump made no announcement regarding his social media handles of his unaccepted visit to Washington DC.

The surprise visit also has given rise to greater theories shared online, with some suggesting that Trump may be secretly visiting Washington DC for health reasons.

Some have also stated that he might be arriving due to his due arrest by the Department of Justice.

Since Trump is also facing a number of charges in connection with the January 6 attack with also his attempts to reverse the 2020 election results, due to which he is also facing FBI investigations that can also be one of the reasons behind his surprise visit to the city as shared by speculated theories online.


However, some have suggested that due to his golf attire, it looks like his arrival was not at all planned.

Donald Trump tributing Queen Elizabeth in Daily Mail OP-ED

With his unexpected arrival in Washington DC, Donald Trump is also in the news for the tribute that he paid to Queen Elizabeth in an op-ed for a top U.K. tabloid. The former president mourned her death by mentioning her as “the personal embodiment of nearly a century of British history.”

While writing in the op-ed that appeared in the Daily Mail, the former president wrote spending time with the Queen was one of the “most extraordinary honours of my life” and said he would “forever be grateful for the privilege of getting to know this unparalleled leader”.


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