Why did Drew Barrymore Apologize? What Did She Say about Johnny Depp?

The current trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has emerged as one of the most widely discussed issues across all media channels. The Drew Barrymore Show’s Friday broadcast was not well received by the audience. Drew Barrymore is one of the latest celebrities to speak out on the topic. Her words were not well received by the audience. It occurred during a chat between the 50 First Dates star and Anthony Anderson. During which they addressed Johnny and Amber’s situation.


Why did Drew Barrymore apologize? What Did She Say about Johnny Depp?

The trial of Johnny and Amber is being avidly by people all around the globe. Drew has expressed her displeasure with the proceedings to Anthony. As she discussed the trial with a guest on her show, the actress said, “It’s like a seven-layer dip of madness.”

Upon reading the transcripts of what the parties have said to each other, Anthony says, “It is amazing. I understand that these are real people’s lives. And I understand what it’s like to have your life exposed in public. Drew adds before describing the case as “quite intriguing.”


Fans criticize Drew Barrymore for his lack of respect for Johnny and his ex-wife on social media platforms like Twitter. The actress finally issued an apology for her comments on Instagram, which were later deleted. According to her, the video was posted on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 1.

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Drew Barrymore about Johnny Depp

As the Blended actress said, “It has to my notice that I have offended people by making fun of Johnny Depp

and Amber Heard, and for that. I would want to express my sincere apologies and appreciate everyone who has spoken out since this may be a teaching experience for me.”

Drew confided to Anthony that she couldn’t handle all the attention she was receiving during the trial of Johnny and Amber.

The transcripts of what they have done to each other are fascinating to read,” Anthony says. Drew describes the case as “so interesting”. He continues, “I know how it is to have your life exposed to the world. However, they are providing insight into what was previously unknown. The emotion is overwhelming. I cannot believe it!”

Drew Barrymore brought up Johnny and his ex-wife so casually. Prompting many people to express their displeasure with him on the internet. In response to her comments, the actress issued an apology on Instagram. On Sunday, May 1, she uploaded a video to her feed.


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