Why Did Mia Khalifa Called Leonardo Di Caprio a “Manchild”?

Leonardo Di Caprio is ridiculed by Mia Khalifa as a “manchild.” She speculates that girls will reject him after they become 25. After Camila Morrone and Leo split up after she turned 25, Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa mocked the actor on Twitter.

After Camila Morrone and Leo split up after she turned 25, Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa mocked the actor on Twitter. Hollywood A-lister Leonardo Di Caprio is the most recent recipient of scathing remarks from pornographic star Mia Khalifa. She has never been afraid to express her opinions. Camila Morrone, an actress, called it quits with her longtime partner just a few months after turning 25.


Mia Khalifa calles Di Caprio Manchild

After the couple’s announcement infuriated fans, who pointed out that Di Caprio’s teenage girlfriends are typically “fired” as soon as they turn 25. Mia Khalifa joined the millions of people criticizing the actor online.

She took Twitter to slam the actor tweeting, “Maybe it’s not Leo dumping his girls as soon as they turn 25, maybe his girls outgrow him when their brain fully forms at 25 and they realize they don’t want to be with a 47-year-old manchild.”


Mia’s tweet received a mixed reaction from people. Some others questioned the cause of the separation. Some responded to Mia while others said it was none of their concern.

“This is funny coming from you of all people,” one person said to her.
“Says the single 30+-year-old woman who can’t keep a boyfriend,” another person said. Interesting.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa (Credit: Getty Images)

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Leo Di Caprio recently broke up

The dissolution of Leonardo Di Caprio’s four-year relationship with Camila Morrone has resulted in criticism of the actor. When she was 21, and he was 44, he began dating her. The actor, who is now 47, has never publicly dated a woman older than 25. He has come under heavy fire in recent years for the wide age disparity in his relationships.

Leonardo Di Caprio
Leonardo Di Caprio (Credit: Getty Images)

In 2019, his now-ex-girlfriend Morrone spoke about their relationship: “Many couples in Hollywood and throughout human history have a significant age difference. I merely believe that everyone should be free to date whomever they choose.”


Speaking of their split, a source close to the couple claims that they had to reconsider their relationship because they both had been traveling a lot.

The source acknowledged that their relationship “run its course,” adding that “distance played a factor.”
“Reconciliation may one day be possible”, the person continued, “but at the moment, it’s not on.”


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