Why Did Stephan Deleonardi’ YouTube Channel SteveWillDoIt Get Deleted?

Stephan Deleonardi’ YouTube channel “SteveWillDoIt” has been permanently deleted.

Stephan has supposedly disregarded the YouTube Community Guidelines, prompting an extremely durable channel boycott. However, This shocked his 4 million subscribers, as nobody expected to see the prominent YouTuber terminated on August 1.


Meet Stephan Deleonardi

SteveWillDoIt is a popular channel on YouTube from one of the numerous individuals from the notable NELK Boys.

NELK Boys are the Canadian-American YouTubers who distribute their video vlogs and prank films on YouTube. NELK Boys also have a gigantic fan following on YouTube.

As a matter of fact, Steve is an individual from the NELK Boys. His actual name is Stephen Deleonardis. While he has a channel of his own as SteveWillDoIt.

Certainly, He has around 4 million supporters on his channel. His YouTube channel basically has challenge-type motion pictures which may be in style among his adherents.

He’s been making recordings starting around 2015, however, is accounted for to have made the majority of his cash from internet betting patrons and being essential for Full Send Entertainment.


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Why SteveWillDolt Channel was served with a permanent ban?

On August 1, 2022, Stephan Deleonardi revealed the latest ban on his Instagram profile.

Furthermore, the Instagram bio connection to his YouTube account presently diverts to a page with a message saying:

“This video is as of now not accessible on the grounds that the YouTube account related to this video has been deleted.”

To declare the news to his fans, the wisecracker posted a screen capture of the notice he got from the site.

The notification asserted that Deleonardi had severely violated YouTube platform community guidelines.

Moreover, This is not his first ban. His account also got banned way back in June 2022.

SteveWillDoIt connected with YouTube in June to figure out why his YouTube channel was restricted. He told YouTube that he broke no rules.

YouTube responded on Twitter, letting Steve know that he ought to have gotten an email with insights concerning the boycott and how to get it settled.

However, The email gave no particular data about the boycott, so it’s as yet indistinct what Steve’s infringements were.

Although, It’s conceivable it’s the consequence of a new trick video, however, so far, it’s not understood what prompted the super durable YouTube channel erasure.


Supporters of Stephan Deleonardi reacted to his channel ban

Stephan Deleonardi almost has 4.3 million subscribers all across the world.

As a result, Supporters of him erupted on Twitter and Instagram with their comments expressing their disappointment on YouTube after they permanently banned SteveWillDolt’s Channel.

Here is the Net Worth of Stephan Deleonardi in 2022

SteveWillDoIt is said to have total assets of between $4 million and $4.5 million in 2022.


However, Stephan has made a large portion of his cash by being a part of the NELK Boys

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