Why Doesn’t Jake Paul Want to Fight with UFC legend Vitor Belfort?

Jake Paul does not want to fight with the UFC legend Vitor Belfort. So, he turned down the 30 million dollar offer.

Let’s explore the reason behind Jake not fighting with Vitor.


Jake Paul’ fight with UFC legend Vitor

On 29th October, a boxing match between Jake Paul and UFC star Anderson Silva will air on Showtime PPV. The match will be at Phoenix, Arizona’s Gila River Arena.

 But first, he can receive a $30 million contract to take on Vitor Belfort, another iconic UFC fighter.

Hashim Rahman Jr., Paul’s old foe, claims that the web sensation gave up the $30M reward and rather chose the Silva bout.

As per Rahman, “He didn’t wanna fight Vitor, he declined that.” To the question that Vitor is stronger than Silva, Rahman answered, “Personally I believe so. He’s faster. I think he’s a better striker.”

Why doesn’t Jake Paul want to fight with Vitor?

Rahman is among the several competitors on Jake’s extensive list who are ready to confront him. He claims that Jake is backing off because of fear and doesn’t want to fight Vitor post their match cancellation.

Vitor’s incredible striking ability could be a contributing factor. He is famous for being quite strong and known for his skull knock on Michael Bisping during their bout. It cost Bisping his right eye.

Vitor also has a long-standing, tarnished history of using steroids. Hence, this too can be a possible reason for Jake not fighting Vitor.


Jake Paul hasn’t replied to Rahman’s latest challenge, but he has recently affirmed that he declined the Belfort bout since it didn’t “excite” him at the moment.

They might take a second look at it if he defeats Silva in October and Belfort defeats Rahman Jr. However, Jake will not encounter an issue of rivals ahead.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul (Credit: Getty Images)

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Belfort’s History with Steroids

Vitor Belfort has a long-standing, tarnished history of using steroids. His use of skill-boosting substances like TRT and 4-hydroxytestosterone cost him several suspensions.

Upon failing a drug test after competing against Dan Henderson in 2006, the Brazilian boxer, Vitor got a 9-month suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  

He met the criteria for PED and TRT numerous times, but due to the lack of clear prohibition on the use of TRT, he got the all-clear.

Vitor’s Call for Jake Paul

After his knockout victory over boxing icon Evander Holyfield, Vitor Belfort challenged Jake Paul, but it appears that Paul doesn’t want to face him.

Immediately following his first victory since making his fighting career, Belfort challenged the web sensation Jake Paul, placing a whopping $30 million deal on the line for the former YouTuber.

Belfort challenged Jake post victory and stated, “We’ve got $25m. Winner takes all! Let’s go Jake Paul, stop running from me. He earned my respect, but he’s still a Disney kid! Let me teach you a lesson.”

Jake- The Star Fighter

Since the emergence of YouTube, boxing, and celebrity fighting over the past year, Paul is becoming a popular figure in competitive sports.

The battle against Anderson Silva is “The Problem Child’s” next fight, therefore it appears that he would not contemplate the thought of taking on Belfort.


Jake Paul has announced that his next opponent will be Tommy Fury, the half-brother of Tyson Fury, after defeating Silva.

Jake’s Previous Match with Rahman

Jake Paul and Rahman’s fight was on August 6, however, the match did not take place because of poundage concerns. Initially, the two had planned a meeting at the 200-pound welterweight limit.

However, the New York State Athletic Commission stated that they would not approve the bout under 205 pounds when it was found that Rahman Jr. weighed 215 pounds one week before the contest.

Rahman Jr.’s management stated that they’d only fight if they were given an additional 10 lbs of leeway (215 lbs). Therefore Paul agreed to bout at the revised weight. As a result, the whole show was canceled.

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