Why Indiefoxx was Banned as The Former Twitch Streamer Appealed for Unban Publicly

ASMR Ex-Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx has called out Twitch for ignoring her public appeals of revoking the ban.

The creator was banned from the platform last year in 2021. Indiefoxx claims that it has been around 1 year and 3 months. She has been removed from the platform around 6 times.

She was one of the popular streamers on the platform, also credited for creating a new type of content on the platform– Pools and Hot Tubs.


Is Twitch Not Responding To Indiefoxx’ Appeals?

Recently, Indiefoxx tweeted regarding her present status on her Twitch ban. She claimed that the platform is not giving her a convincing response.

Every time she appeals, she is met with automated responses. This time, she hits out on the platform with a tight appeal.

“Any reason you didn’t read my ban appeal and gave me an automated response saying it was “too recent” when it’s been well over a year and 3 months now.

Not only this, the creator alleges that Twitch has blocked her from sending more appeals. “Its been greyed out for months, Indiefoxx added.


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Fan’s Reaction On Indiefoxx’s Over 1 Year Ban

Indiefoxx is not allowed on Twitch since last year. The audience was understanding the situation of the creator and criticized the platform as well.

“I think the problem you’re having is that you still think they need a reason to ban you. They don’t. If they want you gone, you’re gone.”

Indiefoxx (Instagram/Indiefoxx)

A certain section of the audience opined that why she is getting temporarily banned again and again. Usually, after 3 warnings, the creator is permanently banned. However, this is her 6th time.

With a follower count of over 2 Million, Indiefoxx was a popular streamer and made content relating to ASMR.

After the ban, she started uploading and streaming on YouTube but it is not as popular as Twitch.

Reason Behind Indiefoxx’s Ban

Ex-Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx was reportedly banned from the platform for ‘suggestive content’ in a live stream.

After imposing the ban, netizens had different views. Some cited it as biased and others as far from it.

The reason seems the content might be a bad influence on youngsters as the platform is open to all age groups. This might land Twitch in trouble as content is up there for everyone to see. Hence, they have removed the creator.

Moreover, Top Twitch streamer Pokimane sympathized with the ASMR artists and backed Indiefoxx. Twitch is yet to give a constructive response to the artist.


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