Why is Ben Avery Leaving The Tim Dillon Show?

Recent news has buzzed the internet regarding Ben Avery leaving The Tim Dillon Show, the director of the show himself confirmed that he is leaving the show, which has left fans by surprise. Let us take a look at this article to get some juicy inside details of why is he leaving.


Is Ben Avery leaving The Tim Dillon Show?

Ben Avery who built up the famous Tim Dillon Show is leaving the same. Ben who became known on the internet as Tim’s right-hand man and the one who served as Tim Dillon’s producer since February 2017 created a much greater following for himself.

And after joining the show on February 2017, Ben produced over 280 episodes of the show, nor did he work behind the scenes, but same time he also surprised fans with his appearance on the podcast and in Tim’s various other comedy numbers.

Ben Avery
Ben Avery and Tim Dillon (Instagram/benaveryisgood)

And thus on Monday, October 3, Ben took over Twitter and surprised fans by confirming that he had left the show.

Ben stated “Unfortunately I no longer work on the show as of the last few weeks. I’m extremely grateful for my time with the show and what it has meant to so many people. I wish nothing but the best for Tim,”


Therefore Ben also stated that he is working on some other projects and will be going to share them with the fans very soon.

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What’s Tim’s reaction to Ben Avery leaving the Show?

Well, it looks like Tim is keeping it positive, since both of them have worked together and were also best friends, after Ben’s departure from the show, Tim made a statement on social media while wishing him the best for all his future endeavors.

Tim stated on his Instagram story with the added caption: “We love Ben. And we’re excited to see the new stuff he’s been working on. Louis CK will now be producing the show.”

However, Tim when he went on to Whitney Cummings podcast, he made a statement about Ben leaving the show “If Ben left my show, I d on’t know that I’d be able to do the show. I would have to do something else,” therefore, fans are now confused over Tim’s multiple statements and reactions.


Who is going to be the next producer at the Tim Dillon Show?

After offering positive and sweet wishes to Ben for his future, Tim at the end made an announcement that Louis CK would be joining the show in his place.

Louis CK was also featured on the latest episode of the Tim Dillon Show on October 2, 2022, but at that time the pair made no reference to his upcoming appearance.

And fans are at the same time wondering whether would he really be joining as he is currently on a tour until January 2023, but for that, we have to see.

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