Why is Dylan Dreyer missing from the Today Show ?

Dylan Dreyer, 40, a well-known “Today” show anchor and Meteorologist, announced retirement from NBC’s Daytime talk show “Weekend Today” after about 10 years. She spent her last day on the show on January 29, 2022. Dreyer recently posted on her Instagram account where we can see Dylan celebrating her third son’s first birthday.


Who is Dylan Dreyer?

Dylan Marie Dreyer is currently working for NBC News as a meteorologist. Apart from that, she is working as an anchor in “3rd hour” of Today. Having retired from her weekend job, she now appears on weekdays as a weather correspondent and as a proxy for Carson Daly and AI Rocker, who are also anchors in the same show.

She is living her happy married life after her leave, with her husband Brian Fichera and three children.

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan Dreyer (Credit: Today Show)

The reason for Dylan Dreyer’ leave

Dylan Dreyer told the reporters that there was no option left other than to leave her weekend job. She said that it’s difficult for her to manage 6 day work and looking out for her sons. She said, “It really is the bittersweet moment for me. I don’t want to step away. I just don’t think I can do six days a week anymore. The boys certainly keep me busy”.


She further informed, “You know, I’m just watching that and looking back – I started in September of 2012 and I got married in October, so in the time I’ve been on Weekend Today, I’ve gotten married and I’ve had three sons. It really is incredible just to look back and think of the things I’ve been through, not to mention everything I’ve done on the show”.

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Celebration in a Full Swing

The birthday of Russell, Dylan’s youngest son, is not the only reason why she is celebrating in Rome with family and her in-laws. While explaining her excitement, she said that not only is today Russell’s first birthday but she and her husband are also celebrating 10 years of their marriage. On top of that, Fichera’s parents are celebrating their 70th birthday and 50 years of their marriage. In her Instagram photos, Dreyer is seen posing with her husband and two older sons : Calvin and George.

Dylan’s fans, well – wishers and colleagues congratulated the family for their “triple” celebration. This includes, Sheinelle Jones, Dreyer’s “Today” colleague, who commented, “This is everything!!!!”, on her post. Meanwhile, one fan said, “So glad you are all having such a lovely time”, while the other exclaimed about how blessed the family was and that they hoped that they will stay together like this forever.


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