Why is Savannah Guthrie Missing from The ‘Today Show’? Feud Rumors with Co-Host Hoda Kotb

Savannah Guthrie was missing from the show amid her rumored feud with co-host Hoda Kotb.


The Rumored Feud

Viewers noticed that the pair Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have not been working together much recently. They are not happy with the toll it’s taking on the quality of the show.

The Today show fans have been missing one key half of its morning duo. the fans have one question in mind, where is Savannah Guthrie? The host, who leads the NBC morning show alongside Hoda Kotb, has been absent in the past week.

Guthrie’s Today show break comes amidst rumors of an on-set feud between Savannah Guthrie and Kotb, with gossip swirling that the two co-hosts can’t tolerate one another. After Savannah Guthrie slept in and arrived late to the Today show earlier this month. The rumors only intensified about tensions on the show, with some speculating Savannah pulled the stunt as an influence move.

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb
Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb (Credit: Today Show)

Is Savannah Guthrie Leaving The Today Show?

Thanks to her extended run, Savannah Guthrie has become a fixture in homes across the country. Savannah Guthrie has been one of the show’s lead anchors for many years now. It is part of the reason some are so concerned about the news that she might be leaving the show. She’s been absent for more than a week . It has only increased concerns that her departure may be imminent.


Savannah sees herself as an original newswoman. While Hoda is perceived to be a less serious journalist, in part because she came from the looser, boozier final hour of The Today Show that she co-hosted with Kathy Lee Gifford.

Savannah has not officially announced her departure. Although her absence has made some wonder if she’s already got one foot out the door.

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Where is Savannah Guthrie on the Today show?

Savannah Guthrie has been on vacation with her kids. She has been missing the Today show for some good quality family time. The morning show host posted a photo to Instagram last week of herself and her son and daughter at a water park.

On Friday, Aug. 27, Kotb was joined on Today by Hager. Savannah filled in for Savannah as she continued her break from the show.

Anchor is simply on vacation and has been enjoying quality time with her husband. While this extended absence may have seemed alarming to some fans of Savannah’s. It doesn’t seem like she has any immediate plans to leave The Today Show behind.


Intense Tensions In Today

Things have tensed enough that some rumors suggest that Savannah is trying to have Hoda replaced with Nicole Wallace. He is a campaign operative turned MSNBC host who has built up plenty of name recognition in her own right.

Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie (Instagram/savannahguthrie)

Whether there’s any truth to those rumors remains to be seen, but there is definately plenty of intrigue and speculation around Today as of late.

Of course, it’s possible that reports of tension have long been overblown, but it’s difficult to understand for sure. Savannah might not be going anywhere, but that does not mean she and Hoda have a great working relationship.


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