Why is Selena Gomez Absent from Met Gala 2022? Fans Spammed On Tiktok

At this Met Gala, we have seen the absence of various celebrities. Selena Gomez also has not shown her presence at the red carpet event. Besides her reply to a fan about Met Gal has stirred a lot of speculation. Her fans were excited to see her at the event but her absence makes them upset. Therefore many fans spammed her social media with their comments. And the singer goes on to reply to one of his fans. Moreover, the singer had also shared a TikTok video related to her absence.


Selena Gomez did not come to the Met Gala

Fans always have a higher expectation about the look of their icon in the Met Gela. Unfortunately this year Selena has disappointed her fans with her absence. There are many big celebrities like Rihanna who have not graced the red carpet.

While they have kept mum in their absence, Selena has an interesting reply for her fans. She, therefore, replied to one of her fans who was expressing about her Met appearance. Selena even uses the smirk emoji in her candid reply to her fan. Besides she had also shared a rather funny TikTok where she was joking about her singlehood.


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Why Selena skips the event

Selena has last seen at the Met Gala event in 2018. This year fan was eagerly waiting for the singer to come to the Met Gala. But this time Selena chooses to skip the event. Therefore it makes the fans sad who were desperately waiting to get her look. Besides some fans goes on to share meme related to her absence.

Selena Gomez
Image: Selena Gomez(Credit: Getty Images)

They choose to keep themselves entertained with memes. Therefore as fans can’t do anything about her arrival, they keep her in posts anyway. Undoubtedly fans were missing her, she also had a reason not to attend the event. The singer opts to invest time with her family than going to the events.

She wanted to engage her time with family as previously she was shooting for the movie. Besides she did not want to go to the event and then return to family amid the pandemic.

Selena Gomez Met Gala event 2018

Undoubtedly Met Gala comes with a disappointment for Selena Gomez’s fans. The diva has chosen not to attend the Met Gala festival this year. Last she attend the festival in 2018. But her experience at Met Gala 2018 was a disastrous one. Moreover, she recalls that her 2018 Met Gala turns into a beauty disaster for her.

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She had put on some tan that turns out darker during the night. The tan was looking beautiful in the initial phase but it became darker with time. And when Selena saw her look, she realize that it has turn out to be completely orange. Thus Selena has to encounter the nightmare of beauty disaster on such a prestigious occasion. She later even makes jokes about her look by posting security footage of her existing from the event.


There was confusion among the fan about whether or not she will attend the event. And the speculations came true as she was not present at the event. The singer chooses to have quality time with her family. Besides she had put a picture of herself enjoying horse riding on her Instagram.

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