Why Rebecca Romijn Says Break Up with Ex-Husband John Stamos was “Heartbreaking”

Jerry O’Connell, the husband of Rebecca Romijn, sat down for what most people would describe as a difficult chat. In an episode of The Talk broadcast on Thursday, the pair discussed Romijn’s previous marriage to John Stamos. He said they were still married and separated when they began dating, emphasizing that it was not his wife’s “first tango” with marriage. The couple said that O’Connell met Romijn when she was out on a date and that he was by a friend of hers to get her contact information.


Rebecca Romijn Says Break Up with Ex-Husband John Stamos

According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Idris Elba and supermodel Victoria’s Secret first met at a New York fashion show in 1994. They went on their first trip to Disneyland the following year. They were married in September 1998, and Romijn remembered the exact moment she first saw Stamos years later.

In an interview with Jane magazine, she said: “I vividly recall seeing John Stamos enter into the room with his guitar in hand and that wacky hairdo, which I thought was hilarious. I keep thinking to myself, “What if a guy sat next to me and said. You will marry him someday.” When I think about that, I keep saying. God, what if someone said that to me?”


They legally separated in 2005, and their marriage did not continue. To discover what truly transpired between Stamos and Romijn, continue reading this article.

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos
Image: Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos (Credit: Getty Images)

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Rebecca Romijn allegedly forced John Stamos

There was much more behind the scenes for John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn than initially appeared on the surface. Her acting career took off after her marriage when she landed the role of Mystique on “X-Men“. But although her marriage partner, the “Full House” star, was supportive. The same cannot be for Romijn. Stamos said his wife didn’t approve of his being a part of “Nip/Tuck” in an interview with Details in 2015 (as reported by Page Six).

He claimed that Ryan Murphy had initially written the character for him, stating. “It was just for me.” “Perhaps I was too scared at the time. Nip/Tuck” was written for me by Ryan, but the person with whom I was in a relationship

at the time had a look at the screenplay and declared it “demeaning against women. No longer am I in a relationship with her.”

The series launched in 2003, when they were still married, despite Stamos’s failure to identify her by name. According to a 2006 interview with Howard Stern, Stamos said that he and Romijn were no longer together long. Before they announced their divorce and even claimed to be still together at the premiere of “X-Men 2” in Los Angeles. According to him, the two of them attended the event together. Although they have already been separated for around six months (per PopSugar). No matter what I tried, I couldn’t speak.


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