Why was Blue the Colts Mascot Green? Concerns of The Fans

Recently Blue the Mascot’ colour turned green and fans are thus amazed and confused to see the transformation. The reason behind Colt’s transformative green colour is putting them under question. Let us explore this article to know more.


Who is Blue the colt mascot?

Blue as many of you might know is the official mascot of the Indianapolis Colts professional American football team of the National Football League.

He is just like a white horse who performs some funny, humorous and entertaining sort of activities, he is also the two times winner of Mascot of the Year and is thus also in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Colts Mascot
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Apart from the entertaining sort of things that he does, he is also a great fan favourite and does incredible work in the local community, by visiting schools and hospitals.

In addition, Blue presented to the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2020, an Indiana-based museum and children’s centre, founded by David Raymond.


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Why was Blue the colts Mascot colour green?

Recently Blue Colts Mascot colour became green, which kind of became a very surprising colour for the fans to highlight upon.

Somewhat surprisingly Blue is the actual colour and also one of the main colours of the Indianapolis Colts. However, during the Indianapolis Colts recent game with the Philadelphia Eagles, the colts colour turned green which became a questionable thing for the fans even.

Many fans thus raised their questions online regarding the colour green.

However, while no official confirm ation of the colts appears to be there, it is also under news that Blue became green during this recent Indianapolis Colts match in a nod to provide a Salute to Service.


Moreover, Salute to Service is actually the NFL’s year-round commitment to honour, empower and connect with the nation’s service members and their families. Therefore due to the recent Veteran’s day where NFL honoured the ones who have proudly served America city by putting their blood at stake.


Thus that can be the major reason regarding Blue’s new green look which is the continuation of the celebration of the military and thus to support the troops.

Colts Mascot
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Indianapolis Colts faced the Philadelphia Eagles during a recent match

During a recent match of the Indianapolis Colts with the Philadelphia Eagles, the eagles defeated the colts on Sunday afternoon with a score of 17 to 16.

Well, it was a tough match for the Indianapolis Colts fans to watch and conceptualize, thereby at the same of it next up for the Philadelphia Eagles is a home game on Sunday Night Football against Green Bay Packers squad.

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