Yoni Barrios is The Suspect of Las Vegas Strip Attack which Left 2 Dead and 6 Injured

The recently very shocking news is circulating over the internet about the suspect of the Las Vegas Strip Attack and fans are thus wondering what led to the man Yoni Barrios killing innocent victims. Let us explore this article to get some major insights.


Who is Yoni Barrios?

Yoni Barrios is currently very much popular on social media. He is currently famous for his bad deeds, as someone who killed 2 innocent lives.

As per sources, Yoni is a Guatemalan National who killed and attacked eight people near the Wynn Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

According to recent statements, Yoni Barrios had recently arrived in Las Vegas, his former landlord also described Yoni as a descent resident.

Well, since not much information related to the background of Yoni is available, according to sources, Yoni was decent and a good human as per his closer ones.

Yoni Barrios
Credit: AP

What happened in Las Vegas?

Recently at about 11:40 am on the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip, near the Palazzo hotel-casino, a suspect involved in a Thursday stabbing killed two people and wounded six others at the Las Vegas Strip Club.


The suspect identified as Yoni Borris 32, stabbed eight people, the suspect used a long blade which looked like a knife as confirmed and described by the police authority.

After the stabbing, the suspect continued walking down the sidewalk and also attacked other people.

Initially preceding the stabbing numerous reports claimed that he had told a group of local girls at the club that he was a chef and after he requested to take a picture of them sources claimed that the suspect drew a knife and began to stab eight people in the area killing two identified as Maris DiGiovanni, 30 and Brent Allan Hallet 47.

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Yoni Barrios arrested after Las Vegas Strip Attack

The deadly man Yoni Barrios was arrested after unknowingly killing eight people

which led to the death of the two.

However, if we talk about what authorities are saying in regard to Yoni, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he intends to file two counts of murder with the use of a deadly weapon against Barrio along with six counts of attempted murder he committed with the use of the deadly weapon.

Thus Yoni has now two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon and six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon on his head.

Deputy Chief James LaRochelle also stated

“This was an isolated incident. All evidence indicates Barrios acted alone and there are no outstanding suspects at this time.”

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